Football World Cup 2018: How did Pelé’s name get Pelé?

_102082451_92996b9b-fcc9-4393-a927-1b5525fa1da7.jpgBrazil’s most successful team of World Cup football will start their campaign against Switzerland on Sunday.

The team’s intention, led by Shumer Nemar, in the best time of the present time, will be to go ahead and forget about the failure of the previous World Cup.

The Brazilian team was able to perform less than expected in 2014 on their home ground and had to be content with fourth place.

But Brazil is the world’s most successful football team.

The world’s five-time world champion knows the name of Pelé, the world’s biggest contributor to Brazil’s success.
Pele’s charisma
Pelé, who called football magician, has been doing something that no equal player has ever been able to compete with.

In his presence, Brazil won the Football World Cup in 1958, 1962 and 1970. Pelé, who won three World Cups, is the only footballer in the world.

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At the same time, at the youngest of the World Cup, the record of goal-making, a hat-trick and final match is still on 60 years after Pelé’s name.

Not only is Brazil, much like Pelé’s charisma that popularize football around the world as well as his name.

The most interesting thing is that none of the famous people named Pelé was named Pelé or Nenanem around the world.
One-two nicknames of every person
Pelé was born on October 23, 1940 in Minas Gerais, Brazil’s small town.

Father was a club-level footballer and mother Housewife.

Mother’s father named his son Edson

Regarding the reason for keeping this name, Pelé has told in his memoir ‘Whi Soccer Matters’, “At the same time, the electric bulb had reached our city, when my parents came from the light of the bulb He was overwhelmed, so he named my name in the honor of Thomas Elva Edison, who created it, by mistake, he did not keep words that were spellings. ”

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In this way, Pelé’s name became Edson. The full name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento. In Brazil, similar names are kept wide enough, so people’s nicknames also come into play.

In Brazil, there are usually two or two nicknames in every person, so their family members call them.

Dream of making son a footballer
Edson i.e. Pele’s nickname – Dico Pelé’s parents, siblings or known friends kept calling him under the name of Dico.

Dico’s father used to play soccer too, but due to his injuries at the age of 25, his football career did not move beyond the club level, so he dreamed of making his son a footballer.

His family has now come to live in the city of Bauru in São Paulo.
Due to training from childhood, Pele’s specialty began to be discussed in the street, but there was lack of resources.

Pelé sometimes played football by making balls from torn old clothes and used to go missing from the neighboring station and then selling goods to the ball and selling it for the ball.

At the age of 9-10, Dico started to feed his colleagues fast and he could not catch them, so his new name fell, gasolina.

The reason for this name was that they used to run faster like gas. According to Pelé, he also liked this name to some extent.

But how did he name them? There are several types of claims made about this. The claim that is done loudly is that in Gaelic, Pelé means football, so his name is Pelé.

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But this claim can not be considered true, because Gaelic is a language around Ireland, and no word of its word has reached how many thousands of miles away in Bahuru, Brazil.

The word Pelé is also in Hebrew, where it means a miracle. But it was also impossible for any Nigerian word to reach Brazil at that time.

The question is, how is Pelé’s name, Pelé, and how? In that period there was a trend of Portuguese language in Brazil, and there was no meaning in the word Pelé.

But despite this when Pelé was associated with Brazil’s famous club Sattons at the age of 15, his name was Pelé.

About the truth about Pelé’s name, Pelé has said in ‘Why Soccer Matters’, there is no one right to tell where Pelé’s name came from. But what my Mama George has said can be trusted.
Pele’s maternal grandfather, George, lived with them, and for many years, Pelé’s family grew up with his job.

According to George, the name of a goalkeeper from the local football club team of Bauru was Billie, this was the same club where Pelé’s father also played. The bills were extremely popular due to their spectacular goalkeeping.

“On the other hand, Dico had to play the role of goalkeeper in many contests, when he used to defend the best, then people were saying that this is the second bills, or see, he is starting to accept himself as a bills.”

“Look, these bills have changed in Pelé, and no one has even realized it. Although this was the period when Dico used to confront the peers, who called me Pelé, why he called, take my name properly.

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However, the people of this neighborhood were beginning to know him by the name of Pelé, but officially the practice of saying Pelé started only after joining his Santos club.

It is not hard to imagine that Santos managers played a key role in transforming Pelé as a brand.

Referring to it, Pelé wrote in the so-called Soccer Matters, “Pelé had become a separate identity, Edson was a poor boy coming from Bauru, who missed his family, but on the other hand was Pelé who was only in teenage Rising Star, which was expected to become the world’s largest athlete. ”

“While Edson was a Simeta and a prudent boy, Pele could smile innocently in front of the camera in a crowd of thousands, there were two forms of the same man, two different realities. One I knew, the other was new, the change Was there and also scared me. ”

The brightness of the Pelé brand, which Santos made at the age of 16, remains bright even today, and Pelé remains the brand ambassador of football across the world at 78 years of age.

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