Football World Cup 2018: Goal on Free Kick gets Serbia to exciting win


In an exciting match played on Sunday in the Soccer World Cup, Serbia defeated Costa Rica 1-0.

In the match against the Group E, Serbia captain Alexander Kolarov gave a crucial win to his team by scoring a fine kick on the free kick.

Kolarov, who was former defender of Manchester City, managed to break the strong wall of Costa Rica’s defenders in the 56th minute of the match with a great kick from the distance of 25 yards (22 meters).

From Costa Rica, Giancarlo Gonzalez tried his best to score once, but he failed to convert it into goals. Their header went across the goalpost of the opposing team.

To reach the knockout stage of the tournament, this match was extremely important for both the teams, as they have to face a strong team like Brazil, as well as the challenge of Switzerland is also in front of them.

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Giving go to Costa Rica’s goalkeeper, the ball went into the goal
Debate during the match
Serbia is the lowest European team in this football World Cup being played in Russia, but the kind of performance they have performed on Sunday has awakened the hopes of a better performance in the forthcoming matches.

During the match, Serbia’s player was confused between the coaching staff of Nanoja Metic and Costa Rica. Actually trying to get the ball back to the mat ball, when a member of Costa Rica’s coaching staff stopped him from doing so.

After that, the coaching staff of the Serbian player and Costa Rica became confused.
During the match there was a debate between Serbia’s player Nenanja Metic and Costa Rica coaching staff.
Serbia’s expectations rise
Prior to this win, Serbia recorded only a win in the last 6 Soccer World Cup. After being separated from Yugoslavia, after becoming an independent nation, Serbia had lost both of its initial competitions in his World Cup.

Before taking part in this tournament, there was not much expectation from Serbia’s team.

Even before going to take part in the tournament, the whole team was about to make the round of the city in an open-bus. But in view of the low enthusiasm for it among the people, this program was also canceled.

But after Sunday’s performance, it is now expected that Serbia’s team managed to make their mark in this World Cup on the basis of their experienced and youthful matches.

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