Football World Cup 2018: For the first time the ‘third eye’ changed result

_102076491_gettyimages-976139398.jpgThe History of the Soccer World Cup The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system was used for the first time, after which the match referee had to change its course.

In the Group C match, France defeated Australia by two-one.

It was as if the French players were moving towards the Australian goal post with the ball of Antuun Grizman. But an Australian defender dropped them in the penalty box.

The World’s Most Fine Stain of the World Cup
Football World Cup is a kick in Russia
And the penalty kick came from
France’s players appealed to the penalty but the match referee turned it down. France appealed the use of the VAS system.

Under this, the match sees the video footage on a screen adjacent to the referee and then decides. The match referee saw the footage and France got the penalty.

Antuun Grizman put the ball in the goal post without any lapse and thus France got a 1-0 lead in the match.

France made their name in this match 2-1.

In a Group C match today, Denmark beat Peru by one goal. While in Group D, Croatia won two goals in the match between Croatia vs Nigeria.

Iceland surprised by Argentine

In a match of Group D, Iceland unexpectedly stalled the legendary Argentine one-on-one. When the match was on par, the Argentine got the chance to get a penalty kick but Lionel Messi did not score.

Finnbogesan scored the first goal in Iceland’s World Cup. Iceland is a small country in Europe whose population is less than four million. It is a great achievement for Argentina to stop them.

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