Flowers have bloom garden garden

_102132079_e3af6292-c015-48a6-9930-10ece8802ec2.jpgThe flower decorated in bouquets attracts the attention of all of us. These flowers of colorful and different shapes also fill our lives with colors and freshness.

Talk to these beautiful flowers also those of those who grow and bring them to us.

Britain is a land of farmers, gardeners and flower lovers. The flower industry is more than two billion pounds annually.

Photographer Tissa Bunny captured pictures of some people who cultivated the flower in her camera.
Tulip cultivation
At one time, there was plenty of flowering in the country’s rural areas. Bagan used to plant flowers with vegetables.

In 1800, flowering cultivation flourished in Britain with better means of transportation. Flowers are being used to transport the fields daily in remote areas and cities through trains.

Flowers coming out of the fields used to include Dolphins, Violats from Dolys, Snodrop from Lincolnshire and Narciss from Cornwall.
Woman picks narvis
The better the transportation system, the production of flowers is equally good. Airplanes make it easy to transport flowers from one place to another. Now we can get flowers and any kind of flowers at any time in the year.
Flowers bunch makes women
Due to the production of seasonal flowers, the flower industry of Britain has been seen rapidly.

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