FIFA World Cup: These are the best teams ever

_102073002_gettyimages-959666898.jpgThere are many issues that should not be made unless you are ready for a long debate on them.

Discussion on football is also one of them.

Comparing the existing teams with the old teams around the world, it is a topic that can be long debated.

The FIFA Football World Cup has started in Russia. Here we are sharing important facts about eight soccer teams, on the basis of which it is possible to decide who are the best teams.

West Germany, 1974

Gert Maler (left) and Gerd Breitner (right)
The results tell the whole story. In 1974 the host of the FIFA World Cup was Western Germany. Earlier, Germany was away from the title in the final of the 1966 World Cup, losing to England.

In the year 1974, with the victory of West Germany in the Netherlands, many neutral states became desperate.

One of the most goals scored in the history of the World Cup was the German championship in 1972, with a team of Western Germany coached by players such as Gert Muller, Paul Bretner and Franz Beckner. This team was called ‘Well Oiled Machine’

Supercomputer Sam (Sports Analyst Machine) has done an assessment for the BBC, which shows that Baconber and his colleagues played 30 matches between 1973 and 1975. Of these 63 percent of them won the match and lost 17 percent.

History of ‘World Cup’
France, 1998

Zinedine Zidane lifted the World Cup in 1998
France won its first and only FIFA World Cup in 1998.

Until the knockout round in this competition, the French team was also struggling against teams such as Paraguay.

They had to sweat even in the semi-finals. In the semi-finals, they got the challenge from Croatia but France won the match with the difference of one goal.

But in the final, France defeated Brazil 3-0 to win the World Cup. Zinedine Zidane’s performance in this match was magical.

Two years later, in the year 2000 France also named the Euro Cup.

Football World Cup is a kick in Russia
Uruguay, 1950

1950s World Cup file photo
This could possibly call the most backward team in the history of the World Cup.

But the mention of Uruguay is also important as it is the smallest country ever to win this tournament. The population of this country is only 40 lakhs, and from that, preparing the players to compete against the other teams, it would be a big challenge for Uruguay.

Uruguay was the host of the World Cup in the year 1930 and he had also won the same year. Uruguay was the only two-time Olympic champion when he became the winner of the World Cup for the second time, it was unbelievable for many people. The Brazilian team was in opposition in the year 1950, and two million viewers coming to the match in Rio de Janeiro. Surprisingly, Uruguay won this match 2-1.

Football players with insulin kit
Hungarian 1954

Hungarian team
Between 1950 and 1954, the Magyrs (people of Hungary) brought a storm into the world of soccer. The team came in the headlines after winning 43 out of 50 matches. The team has dominated by defeating England 6-3 on home ground and defeating 7-1 in Budapest.

The Olympics winning team in 1952 saw only one defeat in that tournament. But in the 1954 tournament, that first defeat was in the final.

After 1956, when most of the members of the team went to other countries, the Hungarian team got lots of common fans.

Pascus, Sander Kocciş and Zoltan Szibor went to Spain and played there on behalf of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Brazil 1958-62

Kick mate pelé
Talk about the most successful teams of the FIFA World Cup, Brazil has been the winner of five times.

In Sweden in 1958, the team came up with players like Pelé and Gericha. The team won five out of six matches in the tournament. Only one match that he lost, he was against England.

Four years later he reiterated the same feat in Chile, but due to injury, Pelé was not part of this win.

This time the team won every match. This time the team also defeated England 3-1.
Johan Croft
The Netherlands 1974
If a game speaks of revolution, you can add it to the performance of the Netherlands in the 1974 World Cup.

In his first tournament, Clockwork Orange stunned the whole world with its unique style – total football. The players in the outfield used to change their place and the opposition team would have been in trouble.

Despite the first goal in the 1974 World Cup final, the team lost to Germany 2-1. This first goal team stained only in the second minute of the match.

In 2010 the team reached the final again but lost.
Team of spain
Spain 2010
Spain joined the 2010 World Cup winners list

Switzer’s performance in the opening match put them in amazement and they lost the first match 1-0. After that the battles fought with Paraguay and Germany were also challenging.

They got 12 yellow cards in the match against the Netherlands.

The team previously won the Euro Cup in 2008.

Papa Guardiola’s Tikka-Oba style also made a lot of noise in this match.
Brazil 1970
For the experts, the best team to win the World Cup so far has been the team that saw the confluence of different talents.

Brazil did not look back after a stringent rivalry against England in Group matches and after the match against Uruguay in the semi-finals.

The Brazilian team’s performance against Italy in the final is kept in the best performances so far.

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