FIFA World Cup: Female Reporter’s Sexual Abuse on Camera


A female reporter has narrated the story of sexual harassment during the ongoing football World Cup reporting in Russia.

Colombian correspondent Julius Gonzalez Theran was on a road in Russia, doing a live report for Spanish, at the same time a man came suddenly, placed his hands on his breast and kissed him on the cheek and fled.

Juliet was live at that time and he continued his reporting without any interruption. But later on the internet he responded to the incident, “We should not have such a solution, we are equally respectable and professional.”

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He told Dr. Ville that he was in the place for live reporting for two hours. He said, “When we went live, this fan took advantage of the opportunity. Later I tried to find him, he had gone from there.”

This incident occurred last week in a road in Saransk city shortly before the match between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Davey Wele shared the footage of this incident on social media and described it as “assault” and “extreme harassment”.


DW Sports

A DW reporter is sexually harassed while covering the #WorldCup. @JULIETHCGT was kissed, groped by a man while reporting from Moscow.

The incident could be seen here (00:13).

Sexual harassment is not okay It needs to stop In football, and elsewhere

1:44 PM – 20 June 2018
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However, some people have written on social media that it is being offered in a big way. One has called the criticism ‘feminist mania’. Some have written that this kiss of fan should look like ‘welcome’ or ‘greetings’.

Christina Cubus, host of Deutsche Welle, tweeted, “It’s not a joke. It’s not a kiss, it’s an attack without consent.”

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According to Gonzalez, “every time there are fans who greet you, they are respected by you, but this man threw the limits.”

There have been many incidents of harassment with women sports reporters. In March, 52 Brazilian reporters began a campaign, in which they shared incidents of mugging and thumping on behalf of players and fans.

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