FIFA World Cup: England won by two goals from Harry Kane


In a match of Group F in the FIFA World Cup, England have won by defeating Tunisia by two-one.

In the match played at the Volgograd Arena football ground, England’s Harry Kane got the lead in the first 11 minutes by scoring a goal in Tunisia.

The goal of the goal keeper was to fail and it seemed that this crucial goal would be proven.

This was Harry Cain’s first goal in this tournament. So far they have scored at least one goal in every match played as captain.

Image copyright @ mrdanwalker @ MRDANWALKER
But in the 35th minute of the match the game completely reversed.

Farzani Sassi, who played for Al-Nasir Club from Tunisia, turned the penalty corner into a goal.
After this the players of the ongoing England team were constantly trying to get the ball forward and make it round, but Tunisia did not give it a chance.

Then on the nineteenth minute of the game Harry Kane of England scored another goal. England went one step ahead of the Tunisia team, with a one-by-one goal from this goal.

Now they had to stop Tunisia from scoring until the match ended, which proved to be easy for them.
England made their name in the 1966 FIFA World Cup. During this time the team played all their matches at Wembley Stadium in London.

Tunisia has not won any World Cup so far. Tunisia had previously played against England in a World Cup match in 1998, in which it was defeated by two-zero.
A fan of Tunisia
Tunisia will now meet in Belgium on June 23 in Belgium and June 28 from Panama.

England will play on June 24 in Panama and June 28 to compete against Belgium.

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