England beat Australia by difference of 242 runs

_102118162_a13848f6-8a06-46d2-8827-81f29eee7684.jpgEngland has created a new world record by breaking its own world record of the highest runs scored in a one-day match.

In the third one-dayer played in Nottingham with Australia, England lost six wickets in the stipulated fifty overs and scored 481 runs, which is a new record.

Earlier, in the one-day match, the record for most runs was 444, which was England’s name. This record was made against Pakistan in 2016. The match was also played in Nottingham.

Australia is on a tour of England for a five-match series, in which all three of the matches played so far have lost Australia.

In the first match played in London on June 13, England won by 3 wickets and England won by 38 runs in the second match played in Cardiff.
Pressure on Australia, England took advantage
Australia is at sixth place in the ICC ODI team ranking, which is their lowest level in the last 43 years. England is currently number one in the rankings.

Australia, who have lost two consecutive matches in the series, already have a good performance in the third match. After winning the toss, he decided to bowl first.

Opening England’s Jason Roy and Johnny Bairstow After an over, it seemed to England that England were in their entire form. With the opening of his account, Bayerston said with three squares he intends to capture the series.

In the fifth over, Jason put two fours and a six. At the end of the fifth over, England were 38 runs with a run rate of 7.60.
In the 20th over, Jason Roy’s wicket fell on the ball of Marcus Stones and replaced Alex Hales. But by now Jason 86 and Bairstow made 75 runs to make the necessary edge.

Hales also started to rotate the bat with the help of the Bairstow, while scoring 147 runs with 16 fours and five sixes to return to the pavilion. At the start of the 35th over, Bairstow returned to the pavilion on a personal score of 139 runs.
After that Jose Butler came and did not last long. After that, Eoin Morgan took Hales for a while and scored a personal score of 67 off 30 balls.

Alex Hales was giving his wicket to Richardson’s bowling. When the Hales Pavilion returned to 147 on the personal score, the team had scored 459 runs.

England lost another wicket until the end of fifty overs and scored a total of 481 runs on six wickets and made a new record of one-dayers.
Australia coach Justin Langer
Slow start of Australia
After that Australia’s innings started, for which Travis Heid and Dorsie landed on the short crease.

Shaun Marsh returned to the short pavilion in the fourth over and took his place. The attempt to handle the innings was intensified and till the end of the sixth over, these two players reached the run rate 10.
But in the twelfth over the game spoiled and Moeen Ali’s ball was out of Travis Heid. Australia had scored 94 runs so far.

Marcus Stones, who came with Marsh on the crease, but the innings did not last long. Marsh was out after a few balls and after that the pace of falling was only turned on.
Marcus Stonis made 44 runs, with Aaron Finch making 20, Glenn Maxwell scored 19 runs, Tim Paen scored 5 runs, Ashton made 25 runs, and Richardson returned 14 runs.

Australia’s last wicket as Billy Stanley dropped on a run of one run and with that England won the match with a big difference of 242 runs.
Only two more matches will be played in the series which will be played on June 21 and June 24.

With this, both teams will also play a T20 match at Birmingham on 27th.

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