Earthquake on Earth came from one goal of Mexico?


In the first match of the FIFA Soccer World Cup, when Mexico’s Herring Loseen scored against Germany, fans of Mexico could barely control it.

When the ball touched the trap in the 35th minute, the fans of the team jumped into the air.

Can such glee cause an earthquake? However, some media institutions have reported such a thing and the tweet of Mexico’s Geological and Atmospheric Investigation Institute tells something similar.

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“There was an artificial earthquake in Mexico City, in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, by celebrating the goal of the Mexico team against Germany,” said the organization monitoring the earthquake activity.

In the tweet, the picture of Sismogram was explained from the picture of how vibration was at the time of the round. This shows that the city was shaking at that time.

In this tweet, the institute had also linked a blog about the earthquake which is in the Spanish language.
What was actually happened?
The institute has confirmed that there were two simmometers in the city at the time of celebrating the champions against the current champion Germany, who caught the fans’ groundwork.

The institution says in the blog, “During the game, when the Mexican team scored a goal of 35 minutes and seven seconds, then the monitoring system caught two seconds of the second square in Mexico City at 37 meters, But was celebrated with a celebrated festival. ”

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Thousands of fans gathered at the main square of Mexico City
However, later the Institute for Geological and Atmospheric Investigations cleared that such incidents were not very big.

It has also been told that only a very sensitive device near the celebrating crowd can catch such activity.

Angel of Independence Statue of Mexico City was one of the main sites where the vibratory measometer was not far away.

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Losea was not sure that he had scored
Was this earthquake or not?
In the blog the institute has cleared that ordinary people can not feel such incidents.

The blog states, “They can not be measured at the intensity level so that they can not say earthquake or use the word ‘artificial’ in which it is clear that it is not a geological phenomenon.”

In the match held on Sunday, Mexico defeated Germany 1-0.

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