Donald Trump changes controversial immigration policy, family will now live together

_102136097_29455042-839d-447e-9fd7-4be6beaf5b52.jpgAmerican President Donald Trump has finally signed an order to exclude illegal migrants from their children. They have promised that now the migrant family will stay together.

This order says that illegal migrant families will now be taken into custody together. However, if parents are suspected to have an adverse impact on their custody, they will be kept separate.

It is not stated in order that how long the children will be kept separate from their parents. Also, when the order of trump is applicable, it is not clear right now.

In order to ensure that immigration cases were settled, many members of the same family were detained.
Donald Trump
‘The pictures of children were melted’
Trump said that he melted after seeing pictures of children separated from his parents and that is why he issued this order.

He said that he does not like to see himself being separated from his family.

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The American President said that his wife Melania Trump and daughter Iwaka Trump also support the families to keep up.

According to media reports, Melania and Iwanka were putting pressure on Trump to make the law of humiliation in controversial law for migrants.

Leave a Facebook Post Barack Obama Post Finishes Facebook Barack Obama
Shortly after signing Donald Trump’s order, former US President Barack Obama said in a Facebook post that finding the trick to welcome refugees and migrants is America’s tradition.

What was the first trump?
Earlier, Donald Trump accused members of the opposition Democratic Party of obstructing their work.

He also defended his ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’ created for the migrants.

Trump also said that European countries have made a big mistake by placing millions of immigrants here in their place.

What is the disputed law?

According to the disputed law, those who illegally entered the border of America are lodged in a criminal case by lodging a criminal case. Such migrants are not allowed to meet their children and they are kept separate.

The care of these children is made by the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States. Earlier, migrants who crossed the border for the first time without requiring papers were called in court.

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The Trump Administration says that even after the summons were sent, these migrants were never present in the court, so they had to enforce the rule of lodging a criminal case directly.

According to the new law, those who illegally cross the border will be detained and sent to jail, but together, It is also clear in Trump’s new order that America’s ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’ will be applicable to illegal immigrants as before.

Children’s picture was raised over controversy
The dispute over the migrant laws of the Trump administration increased further when some pictures of migrants’ children came in the media behind the chains of chains.

Seeing these pictures, these centers for children were compared to Nazi concentration camps.

According to the figures of the US government, between May 5 and June 9, 2,342 migrant children have separated from their parents.

Mexico’s Foreign Minister Louis Videagara Kaso said the separation of children from their family was ‘cruel and inhuman’.

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