Big news: Chief Economic Advisor Subramanian will quit the Finance Ministry


Chief Economic Advisor Subramanian will leave the Finance Ministry, return USA

Chief economic advisor (CEA) Arvind Subramanian is leaving the Finance Ministry and is returning to the United States due to his “family commitments”. Union Minister Arun Jaitley gave this information through Facebook Post.

Subramanian was appointed Chief Economic Advisor on October 16, 2014 in the Finance Ministry. He was appointed for three years. In 2017, his tenure was extended for one year.

Jaitley said, “A few days ago, Subramanyan spoke to me through video conferencing. He told that he wants to return to the United States due to family commitments. Their reasons are personal, but they are very important for them. I had no choice but to agree to them. ”
In response, Arvind Subramanian tweeted thanks to Arun Jaitley.
Organizing International Yoga Day Around the World
International Yoga Day is being celebrated in different countries of the world including India. The main event in India was held in Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand where Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in the yoga program.

This program was also telecast live on Doordarshan.

Prime Minister shared a photo with Twitter as soon as he reached Dehradun.
A senior official of the Ministry of AYUSH said that around 5000 programs will be organized across the country on the occasion of International Yoga Day. Prior to Yoga Day, the Prime Minister put a video on his Twitter handle and delivered a message that Yoga is not just a fit-fit exercise but a good health passport.
Seven special yoga for women, who will stay healthy


This form of yoga is prevalent in Gujarat’s Muslims

Kamal Haasan from Rahul Gandhi
Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan met Congress President Rahul Gandhi in Delhi on Wednesday and during this time there was a discussion on the political situation of Tamil Nadu between the two.

Hassan has recently established his new party ‘Makkal Nidhi Maiyam’.

Rahul Gandhi later tweeted, “Delhi was happy to meet Kamal Haasan today, we talked to many issues including political situation in Tamil Nadu.”
Hassan also reacted on Rahul’s tweet and said, “Thank you Rahul Gandhi for giving time. I hope our conversation has been useful to you too.”
Nirmala Sitharaman meets Aurangzeb’s family
Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman visited Rifleman Aurangzeb’s house on Wednesday and met his family members. The extremists kidnapped Aurangzeb on June 15 in J & K.

The Defense Minister arrived here on Wednesday morning and met the mournful family in the Shehar area of ​​Rajouri district.

Producer Sitharaman told reporters, “I have come to spend some time with the martyr’s family and the message I have come up with is that the martyr soldier is the inspiration for the whole country.”

A message was also tweeted by the Ministry of Defense’s official Twitter handle, describing Aurangzeb’s mother as the ‘mother of a lion’.
Aurangzeb was brutally murdered in Pulwama, Kashmir. To commemorate the festival of Eid, the extremists had abducted them while traveling from private vehicles with other soldiers.

The extremists who kidnapped him had released a video in which Aurangzeb boldly admitted that he is a soldier of Indian Army and has participated in anti-extremist campaigns in South Kashmir.
British Airways canceled 2,000 extremely cheap tickets
Tickets for more than 2,000 passengers of British Airways have been canceled as they were extremely cheap. A travel agent has given this information.

Ali Shah, chief of Travel Up, said that he thinks that the other five agencies had also made a mistake by selling tickets through the airlines.

British Airways has apologized for this mistake in Tel Aviv and the flight of Dubai, but refused to state how many passengers were affected by this.

Passengers are angry at the fact that their tickets have been canceled.

Shah told that the price of these tickets is more than 200 pounds, but according to the British time on June 11, the advertisement came from 17.45 am to 11.00 the next day and it was sold at the cost of airport tax.

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