Benazir … Pakistan’s ‘Missile Mother’

_102137319_benazir.jpgBenazir did not tire of telling his friends the story of how Indira Gandhi always followed them during the Shimla accord in 1972.

What was the surprise of Indira Gandhi that made her the most surprising was her short stature.

But wearing raincoat also showed no lack in their radiance. Seeing them, Benazir’s mouth was unbearable. ‘Aslam Alai Kum!’

Indira Gandhi replied with a smile, ‘Hello!’

In the evening when Benazir Bhutto went to Shimla’s mall road, people were rushing to see them there.

There was talk of Benazir Bhutto’s clothes all over India, but very few people knew that they had borrowed these clothes from their friend Samiya’s sister … because they had to wear only two kurtis and two pair jeans. .

Benazir … sports car and missile
How did leopardy of Benazir Bhutto massacre

Indira Gandhi, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto at Shimla Halipad
Many names of Benazir
Benazir Bhutto was called by several names. Someone used to call them princes, then any Mohitrama, Bibi or Miss Sahib.

Parents used to call them Pinky. These different names and their related images produced confusion in the heart of the people.

In Pakistan, she was a typical traditional woman who kept her head covered and avoided joining hands with foreign guests.

But during his studies at Oxford, he wears white jeans and T-shirts, and occasionally he does not have any greed in taking a glass of white wine.

Yellow sports car
Shyam Bhatia, the son of former reporter of Foreign Affairs of the Senior and Observer newspaper, and the son of noted Bharatiya patriot Prem Bhatia, has been very closely watched for the lifelong life of Benazir, two years away from him in Oxford.

While talking , Shyam Bhatia says, “Benazir used to be very lively. He used to have many friends. Father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto bought a yellow car for him. ”

“We were poor people in those days, their father used to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir used to go to London sometimes in their car.”

Shyam Bhatia said, “I used to take friends also to show the film with me. If we could not talk to him on the telephone, then he would stick the message on his car’s wind screen. There was a very interesting woman. Friends and loyal friends of friends At that time he had no enemies. ”

7 questions related to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto
Three bullets and a blast … Benazir was trapped

Benazir Bhutto at the teenage age
PAKIZA film seen in Shimla
His Oxford-era friend, Piccoria Schofield, points out that Benazir took a PPE from Oxford’s Lady Margaret Hall, a Politics, Philosophy and Economics degree.

Schofield explains, “In those days he used to have long hair. He looked extraordinary. But seeing them, it did not get the impression that he would go to politics on his father’s postings, but later he went to politics, then he remained there.

But Zulfikar Ali Bhutto wanted to bring him into politics from the beginning. In the year 1972, when he came to India to settle for Shimla, he returned with Harvard and returned 18 year old Benazir Bhutto.

Bhutto’s former press secretary and member of Pakistan’s delegation to Shimla, Khalid Hassan told , “Bhutto Sahib had given Bibi in my charge. He told me that you keep an eye on him and do not let any newspaper meet. ”

“I took Benazir to Pakiza Film, Bhutto Saheb did not want to go, so he handed it to me, we traveled on the Mall road and bought 20-22 books for Bhutto Sahib, two of them were written by Pandit Nehru. Which he had asked me to bring specially. ”

Pc in nuclear program cd
After Oxford, Shyam Bhatia remained in constant contact with Benazir.

Benazir told them many things but promised them that they did not print their lives. The most sensational thing was that he went to Pyongyang with a CD of Pakistan’s nuclear program instead of North Korea’s missile program.

Shyam Bhatia recalls, “Once we were sitting, Benazir said that I want to tell you a very secret thing. As long as I’m alive, you do not have to tell anyone about this. ”

He further said, “They said that people say that my father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program, but if Pakistan has a mother of the missile program then she is me. Then they told me the story that she should go to North Korea. He had created a missile, Nodong, the North Korean government wanted Pakistan’s nuclear secret.
Shyam Bhatia recalls, “Benazir has made a CD of nuclear enrichment technique by talking to his intelligence chief and scientists and taking him in Pyongyang while keeping his North Korean state trip.”

“The North Korean government was very pleased to know that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has come here with his nuclear secret, instead he designed Benazir for his Nodong missile, Very senior adviser to Benazir, whose names I would not like to tell, when I told this story, he laughed. ”

“He said that Benazir told you half a story, when he came back from Pyongyang, he took the entire Nodong missile with him on the same ship.”
Elaborate story
When Khalid Hassan was asked how much he believed in this fact, he had to say that the Prime Minister usually does not work as the carrier of such information.

Khalid Hassan said, “It seems to be a long story. Benazir has written in his own book and also said that Pakistan had bought the Nodong missile design by paying money to North Korea. Aku Khan has also not confirmed this. I doubt the truth about this. ”

They said, “Suppose North Korea had to give something, then it would not have been that the Prime Minister would take him to his hand bag. Such things usually go to the diplomatic bag which is not opened.”
Benazir denies
Senior journalist Inder Malhotra was also keeping an eye on Indo-Pak matters.

He said that maybe Shyam Bhatia may be doing a bit of controversy, but this whole issue can not be dismissed from the end.

Inder Malhotra believed, “There is no doubt that Benazir’s relations with the army were not very good, and the Pakistani army has always kept complete control over the nuclear and missile programs.”

“But there is no doubt that Benazir Bhutto first went to Pyongyong, and after that Pakistan’s notorious nuclear scientist AQ Khan went there many times. There can be debate whether he has taken nuclear information in his pocket but not the basic thing. That Pakistan had said that you give us the design of the missile. In return, we will give you a nuclear enrichment formula. ”

“There is no loss of Shyam Bhatia in that he did not say this on the record and after a few months he publicly said and told Shyam Bhatia that he had never talked like this. I believe that Shyam Bhatia The son of a big journalist, he will not build these things on his behalf. ”
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
The last visit to the father in prison
Shyam Bhatia also mentions Rajiv Gandhi’s visit to Pakistan in 1988 in his book ‘Goodbye Shahzadi’.

He had told Benazir that he had decided not to support terrorism in Punjab. In return, India had to withdraw its army from Siachen.

But Rajiv Gandhi could not fulfill this promise because he lost the next election. Benazir’s friend, Pictoria Schofield, recalled that Benazir was the most painful moment of Bhutto’s life, with his last meeting with his father.

“She used to go to jail every week to meet her father and spend an hour or two with her. His father was hanged on April 4. One day earlier she had gone to meet him with her mother. The most shocking thing was that he was not told that this would be his last meeting. ”

He goes on to say, “Suddenly, Bhutto asked the jail superintendent whether we were meeting for the last time. When he answered yes, Benazir said that can you open the prison door so that I hug my father for the last time But they were not allowed to do this. ”
Benazir Bhutto’s last rally in Rawalpindi
Hand tight in Urdu
Benazir Bhutto wanted to go to the Pakistan Foreign Service, but destiny brought her into politics.

Interestingly, his hand was tight in Urdu language, but his grip on the English language was strong.

There were very few women in the world who could play sports cars with the same fame and skill and could also wear a sheet in the traditional society of Pakistan.

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