Yoga Day: Seven Yoga for women, to whom will stay healthy

_102127086_hi047582759.jpgOn social media, you can see the male community posting videos of fitness, but research shows that there are a lot of women in all the wellness centers around the world.

In particular, the trends of women’s involvement in yoga are going to surpass all records. Whether it is a traditional Indian yoga class or a fantastic Modern Yoga studio in America. The secret of yoga (women’s yoga instructor) is everywhere.

Yoga clothing market or Instagram post, women can see the fancy yoga poses challenge to fitness.

Actually, Yoga has changed the world of women, not because yoga has been trending, but Yoga has emerged as the most trustworthy ally in all kinds of physical, mental, hormonal and mood changes happening inside women.

Yoga is proving to be helpful not only in adolescence but also at every stage of life. The physical structure of women, their diseases and problems are different from men. In this case, there are some select seats for women, which can be easily done in the house with pillows or wall support. Understand the benefits of those asanas too.

1. Childcare
Child abuse
Benefits: Immediately experiences peace in the mind-brain. Especially at the time of hormonal changes it provides stability to your mental state.

2. Downward dog posture
Inferior dog posture
Benefits: Spreading the whole body sparkles. Strengthens the upper body, shoulders and hands of the body. By staying at the head of the blood, the mind gets instant relief in the state of peace and tension.

3. Setubandhasan

Advantages: This padding which strengthens pelvic and core is beneficial in many cases. For pregnant women, being effective in irregular period or penile period, transmits life force in all the necessary organs.

4. Dormant obstruction

Dormant obstruction
Benefits: Provides benefits in irregular or penile periods. Provides physical preparation during delivery (delivery). Doing this gives strength to the lungs and heart.

5. Subhash Kansan

Deputy Evangelist
Benefits: Yoga assumes that the substrate angle enhances passive energy and creativity. Helps in reducing irregularity and infertility related to periods.

6. Reverse Actions

Opposite act
Advantages: This simple posture to be done by holding feet on the wall has so many benefits that can not be counted here. There is a quick relief in pain related to foot, knee, varicose vein. Infertility benefits the urine related problem. Simultaneously, calm down the mind and fill it with new energy.

Caution: Do not hold any opposite postal position during the period.

7. Pranayama

After Asana, Pranayam has its own special advantage. The more focused the slo-deep breathing will be, the more focused it will be. Pranayam not only boosts breathing and life levels, but it is also effective in improving the impaired mood immediately.

Ways to do pranayama
When energy is low: Take longer breathing than focusing on leaving the focus, like Ujjayi Pranayama.
In emotional imbalance: Keep the proportion of the withdrawal of respiratory properties, such as in Bhajan Pranayama.
Keep in mind the ratio of exhalation of breathing in comparison to stress: like Omkar, Bhramari Pranayama.
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