Why is the heart of Indian youth weak?

_101999641_fa2483b1-2e40-49d8-9a70-fa5a911ebee9.jpgThere were winters of February 2016 in 2016. 29-year-old Amit was traveling in the dream world in his lap of sleeping wrapped in his house in Delhi.

At four o’clock in the morning, there was a sudden chest pain. The pain was so bad that suddenly the sleep started. The body was stronger than sweat. There was no one at home who could take Amit to the hospital.

Amit paused for six hours, pain decreased and sleep came again. When he got up, he got a little better then Amit deferred the decision to go to the doctor.

The ‘way to prevent heart attack’

You may have come to heart attack!
Why is the heart of Indian youth weak?

But from the next day after walking again, he was also troubled in everyday work, so Amit decided to go to the doctor.

The doctor advised him to get an eco-cardiogram by listening to Amit. The eco-cardiogram revealed that the pain which Amit had taken 36 hours ago was heart-attack.

As soon as he heard the doctor’s talk, Amit’s senses got swept away. They were not able to understand how to get a heart attack at such a young age?

If you are married then you will continue to give heart
Heart Attack Cases
Figures show that at a young age, heart-attack cases are increasing day by day in India.

On 24th May Bandaru Vaishnav, son of former Union Minister and BJP MP Bandaru Dattatreya, died from heart attack. He was only 21 years old. Vaishnav was studying MBBS from Hyderabad.

According to the news, after eating dinner on late night, Vaishnav had suddenly complained of chest pain. The family reached the Guru Nanak Hospital, where doctors declared him dead.

Young Woman Has A Strange Heart Attack

Heart disease in young people
According to an article printed in a research journal of the USA, there are 600 million people in India who have had heart related disease by 2015. Of this, about 2.3 million people are under 40 years of age.

That is, patients of 40% of heart patients are under 40 years of age. These figures are astonishing for India.

Knowledgeable experts say that the figures are fastest growing in India in the whole world.

According to healthdata.org, the number of heart diseases was the third in 2005 due to premature death.

But heart disease in 2016, premature death has become the first cause of death.

Until 10 -15 years ago, heart disease was often associated with elderly people.

But in the last decade, statistics related to heart disease are a few more stories.

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Causes of weak heart
According to Dr. SC Manchanda, a well-known cardiologist and Padmashri doctor, the heart of the youth of the country has become weak.

Doctor Manchanda is currently in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi, before that he has been head of cardio department for many years in AIIMS.
According to him, the reason for the weak heart is our new-age lifestyle.

For the life-style disorder spread across the youth of the country, they consider five reasons to be important:

• stress in life

• Bad eating habits

• Working late on computer / electronic devices

• Smoking, tobacco, alcohol addiction

• Pollution of the environment

According to Doctor Manchanda, whether in the case of 29 years old or 21 year old Vaishnav, one of these five reasons is his heart attack.

Amit told the BBC that at the age of 22 he used to smoke cigarettes.
Being a 29 year old, he became a chain smoker.

But two years after the heart attack, they have now stopped smoking cigarettes. But for today’s heart disease, three medicines have to be consumed daily.

There is no such information about Vaishnav, but at the age of reading, tension is common in children nowadays. Not only that, the wrong time to eat in our lives, the use of electronic equipment for hours, nothing new is new.

Why is the heart of Indian youth weak?

symptoms of heart attack
If doctors believe it is the biggest symptom of heart attack – severe pain in the chest. Often, whenever a person has a heart attack in a movie scene, he gets his chest tightly pressed, his eyes get disturbed by pain, and he falls to the ground. We all feel that on the day of a heart attack, it will be realized that our chest is being crushed. Such sensation may also happen, but not always.

When blood supply is not available till heart, then heart attack. Usually, due to any obstruction in the way of our arteries, blood does not reach the heart, so there is a severe pain in the chest. But sometimes there is no pain in heart attack. This is called silent heart attack.

According to healthdata.org, heart disease is also the main reason for the death of different diseases in the world.

In the year 2016, 53 percent of those who died of different diseases were killed due to heart disease.

Which women have the highest risk of heart attack?
Indian Medical Association doctor K. According to Agarwal, “women do not have pre-menopause heart disease.”

There are sex hormones found in women behind them which protect them from heart disease.

But in the last few years, there are also diseases like heart attack in women in pre-menopause age.

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According to Dr. Srinath Reddy of the Public Health Foundation, “If a woman smokes or has been using contraception pills for a long time, her body’s ability to fight heart attacks decreases naturally.”

According to Dr Reddy, the danger of heart attack in women is also equal to men after five years of menopause.

There are many types of research that found that women often ignore the pain in the chest and hence the treatment they get late.
What to Do to Avoid Heart Attack?

According to Dr Manchanda, the youth need to make changes in their lifestyle to avoid the danger of heart attack.

According to them, this change is possible with a lot of yoga.

They consider yoga to be the most effective way of preventing heart attacks.

Dr. Manchanda says, “Yoga not only removes stress, but people are calm and more concentrated.”

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Avoid trans fats if you want to avoid heart attack.
Apart from this, according to Doctor Manchanda, the government should also help some to protect the youth from heart disease.

On the question of how the government can prevent heart attack, Doctor Manchanda says, “The government should impose more taxes on junk food, such as government imposes tobacco and cigarettes, as well as writing warning letters in big bold letters on junk food. The government can make rules for this. ”

Doctor Manchanda believes that by doing this, the problem will not end with the root cause, but the awareness among the people will increase.

It is also often heard that heart attacks are directly related to the body’s cholesterol levels, so neither eat nor eat fried foods in more oil.

But how much truth is there in this matter?

Dr Manchanda says that cholesterol may not be possible but trans fat can cause more heart attack.

Trans fat reduces good cholesterol in the body and enhances bad cholesterol.

If you do not even exercise then be careful!
Vegetation and Dalta are the main sources of trans fat. Therefore, they should be avoided.

According to the experts, following these methods can prevent the young heart attack from attack.

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