Why did John Abraham make the film ‘parmanu’?

_101746559_7789ed9e-e217-45c1-b5eb-ce97084dc1b6.jpgNineties Powerful country was considered to have had nuclear weapons.

The United States had done more than a thousand more nuclear tests till this time. On the same map, China had also done 43 tests.

To join the race for nuclear-powered countries, India secretly tests nuclear tests in Pokhran in 1998 and incorporates itself into that line.

The movie, based on this true incident, was released on Friday in theaters of the country. John Abraham is in the lead role in the film.
This film was not easy for John. Even before that she has done films like ‘Kabul Express’ and ‘Madras Cafe’ but she was a bit nervous about ‘Atom’.

He told  that his goal as an actor-maker is to do good films and present better stories among the audience.

He said, “The film is on Sanjida’s subject and I do not want any outsider to criticize it, this movie is not against Pakistan, China or USA, the film announces that glorifying moment of India.”

John says that he was excited for every scene of this movie. He said, “I love my art form very much.” As an actor I have matured in 15 years. ‘Atom’ is better, for this, I was excited for every scene. ”

Hitler’s interest in Hitler’s secret

Heroes are not made by uniforms

John, who made a film like Vicky Donor, now wants to film Sanjida He believes that no film except comedy will no longer be a non-fiction.

The film has a dialogue – “heroes are not made by uniforms.” In the role of John, he secretly tests nuclear tests with scientists and soldiers and gives the country the status of nuclear state with his intention.

India was far behind in the nuclear weapons race. America was tracking other countries through its satellite. India was also on its surveillance.

Danny strolling in the jungle for sharp weapons
Diana Penty and Boman Irani in the film also play an important role. They used to model before acting.

John said, “Even the journey was not easy, many models from the modeling world tried to act in acting. Most did not succeed, making the impression that models can not act.”

Acting John has become the living way for Abraham today. He says that if he leaves acting, then he will become like a dead person.

Why does not Bollywood show love of an early age?

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