Who is Anukriti Vas to become Miss India ?

_102121064_img_7127.jpgAnukriti Vas, who participated in the Femina Miss India 2018 competition, won the title of 2018 on the strength of his senses.

Last year, Viner Manushi Chillar, with the help of his hands, crowned the imitation coming from Tamil Nadu. Meenakshi Chaudhary, who lives in First Runner up Haryana this year
At the same time, Shreya Rao from Andhra Pradesh came third. In this competition, there were stars like former cricketer Irfan Pathan and Bobby Deol on the judge’s chair.

Who are and what does Anukriti

The 19-year-old rehearsal of a 19 year old studying at Loyola College, Chennai, tells us a normal girl who likes walking and dancing.
Anukriti says in one of her videos, “I grew up in the city of Tamil Nadu where girls’ lives are tied up. You can not go out of the house after six o’clock. I am completely against this environment. I wanted to break this stereotype, that is why I decided to take part in the Miss India contest. Now that I have reached here, I want to say that you people too will be imprisoned Get out of the dock and get there where you want to reach. ”

Dream of touring Himachal Pradesh
Anukriti is currently in BA second year from Loyola College and is studying French literature.
On the occasion of Bollywood Night, actress Madhuri Dixit performed on one of her songs.
“I never got a chance to revolve around the world and to see it, but if I get such an opportunity then you certainly will not see me in the house because I love adventure and walking.”
“I am an athlete and my friends have told me that paragraph gliding will be a very good experience. If I get the chance, I definitely would like to go to Himachal Pradesh because I have heard that there is the world’s second best paragliding location, therefore, I would love to go there. ”

Bikes, Sonam Kapoor and Kylie Karadasian
Anukrti says that she is a girl with a Tom Boy image that is a craze to run bikes.
Recently, in an interview given to a YouTube channel Pop Diaries, the simulation has mentioned the things that are special for them.

She says that she likes Sonam Kapoor, Kayli Karadasiya and Ranveer Singh.
Along with that, he wants that if a fashion back in the past came back, then the 70-year-old big-frames should revisit the trends of the spectacles.

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