Where did ‘Hero number one’ Govinda go?


A professor of social networking, Bhopal has become a social media star from Govinda’s song ‘Moy se na mina sa na saqi’.

Sanjeev Srivastava, 46-year electronics professor is also the fan of Govinda in real life.

Where ever Govinda is the hero number one? The song that Govinda has become viral is the 1987 Hindi movie ‘Hudgarg’.

Rakesh Roshan was directing this film for the first time. It was also a very important film for the newcomer Govinda in the movies.

His film ‘Love 86’ was a hit a year ago and Govinda was engaged in setting himself up.

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‘Huggerz’ was a hit …
Recalling this film’s hit song, Govinda had given a fun story in the interview .

He said, “I went on the climb of Vaishno Devi with my nephew and sat on her head, since then my legs were swollen.”

“The film was shot for one day. But the next day we shot and in just six hours, Neelam and I shot this song which became a super hit.”

“Me and Neelam performed on this too in many stage shows. I shot this song only because of my respect for Rakesh Roshan.”

The movie ‘Hudgarg’ was a hit in Hindi and it was remake in other languages ​​too. In Tamil himself, Rajinikanth worked in it, Venkatesh in Telugu and Gemini in Oriya.

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Govinda with her mother
Govinda’s family
Talking about Govinda, his father was his era actor Arun Kumar Ahuja and mother was Nirmala Devi.

Arun Kumar worked in 30-40 films in the 40’s.

Mahbub Khan gave him a chance in his film, ‘Woman’ which was later re-created by Mahbub Khan as ‘Mother India’.

Her mother, Nirmala Devi, was a very good classical singer living in Banaras, who was known for her chore and sang in many films.

But after the huge loss in the production of a film, Govinda’s father had to leave his bungalow and stay in Virar in Mumbai.

And from here he got the name of Virar’s Chokra. The condition of the house was not very good.
Brake got ‘tan badan’
Govinda was a graduate of Commerce and went to many places for the job and he was rejoined for the job in the Taj.

But Govinda’s destiny was written as a hero.

In the ’80s, he got an advertisement for a company named Alvin, and soon there was a chance to become a hero in’ Tan-Badan ‘. Heroine was the glitter of the south

From the movie ‘Love 86’ which started getting success, they came into the industry by the 90s.

In the 90’s, except for the three Khanas, who was competing with them at the box office, they were Govinda.
Comic Timing
There was a time when Govinda was released from 8 to 9 films in the year and also earned money.

His amazing comic timing, special dialogue and punch line which were written for him, his colorful clown clothes, his amazing dance – all of which were very good for fireworks at the box office.

Neither was he a chocolate hero like Aamir Khan, nor was his body like Salman, neither romantic images like Shahrukh nor Akshay Kumar Jas Actions.

Yet Govinda had his own swag. Or say that his good time was going on at that time.

His comic timing was such that when the movie ‘Big Mian Little Mia’ came in 1998, many felt that once-a-days Govinda had overtaken Amitabh Bachchan.
Series of successful films …
In the 90’s, the accusations of slurring and double-meaning songs were also put on them, which could be good at this stage.

But it was Govinda who used to make the specialty of the two head-legged dialogues -Mason, “The world is my home, just stand my house, when I come to mind, Raju is my name and lovingly calls me” Kuli number Forest.”

Or, along with Kader Khan, in the film ‘Duleyahi King’, his King Bhoj and Gangu Teli,

‘Hero number one’, ‘Haseena Man Gaya’, ‘Deewana Mastana’, ‘Coolie Number One’, ‘Saajan Chaley Sasural’, ‘Hud Karadi You’, ‘Shola and Shabnam’ – was the hit machine of the 90th round.
Wait the hours the director used
Talking about personal life, Govinda started the marriage with Sunita in the early days of her career.

But for a year they kept this marriage hidden because they felt that this would probably affect their popularity. But there was nothing like that.

However, Govinda is also known for his late latency and the director used to spend hours waiting several times.

Tigmanshu Dhulia, who made ‘Pan Singh Tomar’, was once in London to shoot for the film.

When he met, he told that he is a great fan of Govinda and he is the only star whom he would be able to look after him to work with.
Career in politics
Govinda gradually became the hero of the ‘Hero of the Masses’. But their specialty became their weakness.

Directors like David Dhawan and Piyaz Nihalani got along with them, but they could never work with directors like Yash Chopra, Karan Johar, Subhash Ghai.

Since 2000, where Shahrukh, Amir, Salman, Ritika’s star started to grow, Govinda today could not reinstate himself and lagged behind in the race.

In 2004, he went to politics but there too he left the ground to come till 2008.

A film like Mani Ratnam’s Ravana could not salvage his career, although he has played serious roles in films such as Heaven and Murder and he was also praised.
Slum dwellers on Govinda’s songs
Some people think that under the Govinda Film Industry, under the ‘Reddit Actor’ whose talents are not used properly, some consider him a limited actor.

In the last 10 years, many of his films came and disappeared.

His last film came in last year – ‘Aaaa Hero’ in which he did not even look around his old look.

Well, next month he will be seen in the film ‘Fry De’. Hearing, Piyaz Nihalani has signed him for ‘Ranjila Raja’ for the role of Vijay Mallya.

Even today, in the parties, people will be seen on their songs – whether they are shot by ‘Akhiks’ or ‘Let’s fight Ishq’.

The viral video of Bhopal professor is an example and memories of these days when Govinda was really the hero number one.

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