This box squeezes the water from the desert

_102142372_6048d8cb-06b3-4e6f-a52b-abdeda9c5fae.jpgThe words ‘water in the desert’ seem strange only to hear these words. But some scientists have taken water from the desert, and they also drink water.

This unique box has been prepared by Umar Yaghhi, a scientist who belongs to Jordan and USA. This box removes drinking water from the desert air.

The most important thing is that it does not even need electricity to work. It can also be planted in any desert in the world.

Yaghi says, “One-third of the world’s population lives in low-lying areas, in such a way, the problem of water can be solved to some extent. This is a great way.”

Lack of water taught water, live without water

Sea water
How do these boxes work
This box extracting water from the air has many more boxes. These boxes are made of metals.

There is a layer of MOF in the inner box. MOF ie Metal Organic Framework. MOF is a new kind of substance that has been prepared by the scientist Omar Yaghhi.

MOF is like dust appearing. It pulls the vapor (steam) of the water formed in the desert at night. After this, he absorbs this steam.

There is another box inside the inside box. This box is plastic. The lid of this box is left open to absorb moisture of the night.

The lid of this box is closed when the day is over. After this, the heat of the sun works like a greenhouse.

Due to heat, water vapor emits from MOF. This water gets stored inside the box and slowly falls down. From there, this water is collected with the help of a pipe.

Moof drinks water but it can not hold it for a long time.

The maker of this box, Omar Yaghi, has won many international awards for developing new technology.

Why is the water screw in Shimla
Umar Yaghhi, who created water harvesters box
150x cheaper
Scientist Umar Yaghi successfully tested this wonderful box in his Arizona desert with his team.

From the desert of Arizona, 200 milliliters of water per hour (equal to one glass) were gathered.

The specialty of this box is that it does not leave any garbage in the water. Therefore, it can be drunk directly without any treatment.

Kishanganga, whose water for India-Pakistan is face-to-face

Unique way to end water shortage
Soon this Water Harvester Box will also be tested with other types of MOFs. Among them, MOF 303 made of aluminum will be used.

MOF made of aluminum will currently be much cheaper than the metal used in this box and the water will also be doubled.

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