The real and full story of Sanjay Dutt stuck between the hero and the villain

_101747309_sanjayduttdharma.png‘Your Life Ever Up, Never Down’ Took drugs. Also in expensive hotels and in jail. Wear watches, handcuffs too. 308 were girlfriends and one AK-56 rifle.

Ladies and Gentlemen Tie the box of chair. Next is the story of Sanjay Dutt that is Sanju Baba. The beginning of this story from those who gave birth to Sanjay, his mother Nargis

The Nargis who shoots his son Birju, who has done wrong work in Mother India, but it was a matter of curtain.
After Sanjay was born on July 29, 1959, Nargis would never have imagined that his beloved son would pass through many cramped ways across life.

Sanjay, son of Nargis and Sunil Dutt In the film’s division’s documentary, when Mama Nargis kicks up Sanju and prepares to kiss her, she hides a shame. The little Sanju did not look at the camera, but in the following days she chose to live in front of the camera throughout her life.

In a TV show, Sanjay Dutt’s Apa Zahida told a story: “Sanjay was very good at heart. Once, the driver Qasim Bhai on Nariman Point hit a child walking around the car on the road and returned home by car The sun roasted a lot, we had to take the car back. The baby gave the bottle of milk, then Sanjay was silent. ”
In a radio interview, Nargis said, “When Sanjay was born I used to cry when I went for the shoot, I was also worried that in the studio it would be fine, so I decided to leave the film industry.”

Sanjay Dutt’s film on the life! but why?

Sanjay Dutt with his sister and mother Nargis
Sanju starts deteriorating
Sunil Dutt has heard a story many times, once in a joke in Kashmir, when he snatched a cigarette in Sanju, he was completely surprised by the cigarette that he was surprised.

Sanju was not even of ten, Producer or friend came to meet Sunil Dutt at home, who used to coke these people and throw them away. Sanjay raises those remaining cigarettes and sits secretly.

Seeing Sanju’s deterioration, he was removed from the Cathedral School of Mumbai and sent to the famous boarding school of ‘St. Lawrence’ in Himachal Pradesh. Sanjay’s next few years passed by.

Sanjay had a hobby of music in his childhood. They used to play the drum at the back of the school bands. Her sister Priya Dutt had told in a TV show- “Sanjay came to play only one type of school drum”.

Sunil Dutt had narrated the story in a TV interview given to Farooq Sheikh, after the 1971 war, when Indian artists were going to Bangladesh to perform, Sanjay continues to insist. When Sunil Dutt said that there he will go to the artist who can play or sing. This Sanjay said – “I will play Bango.”

Harar Sanjay was also taken away. Lata Mangeshkar was singing on stage at the stage Suddenly, the creeps stopped singing and saw that Bango was ringing wrong. After this Lata kept singing and ignoring her.
Sanjay Dutt and Nargis
The onset of drugs
In 1977 Sanjay returned home from Lawrence School at the age of 18. Sanjay’s admission was held at Elphinstone College, Mumbai.

This was the time when Sanju Baba turned to drugs in the dark street, he told in an interview that he was locked in his room.

Nargis probably had the idea that his son started taking drugs, but he did not mention it to Sunil Dutt.

Sanjay decided that he wanted to make a career in films. Sanjay’s first appearance on the big screen was like a child artist in the film ‘Reshma and Sherra’ in 1971.

However, Sunil Dutt did his training. When Sanjay got ready for films, he took Sanjay as a hero in the film Rocky, and Tina Munim was given the heroin. Shooting of the film started.
Relationship between cancer and pain
When ‘Rocky’ was shooting, in the same time it was revealed that Nargis is cancer, Sunil Dutt took him to the United States for treatment.

After two months in coma, when he sensed, he opened his eyes and said, “Where is Sanjay?”

Sunil Dutt used to record the voice of Nargis in the hospital. He recorded for his son Sanju at an audio message hospital. After some time Nargis returned to India after recovering.

The shooting of Sanjay’s first film was on the whimsy. Nargis had told Sunil Dutt: “Regardless of what you do, I have to go to my son’s movie premiere. Whatever the stretcher or wheelchair.”

Sunil Dutt had given all the preparations. ‘Rocky’ was to be premiered on May 7, 1981. But Nargis’s health worsened again. He was admitted to the hospital. His body began to respond. On 3 May 1981, Nargis said goodbye to the world i.e. four days before the premiere of ‘Rocky’.

Film curtains or life, stories do not stop when someone comes or goes.

Sanjay Dutt had told in an interview that he did not cry at all after mother’s death.

In the interview given to Simi Garewal, Sunil Dutt had told that a chair was empty in the movie hall on the premiere of ‘Rocky’. Someone came and ‘Dutt Saheb, this seat is empty’. He said, ‘No, this is my wife’s seat’. Rocky was released and people liked it too.

After the passing of Nargis, Sanjay Dutt came closer to both Tina Munim and Drugs.

Sanjay Dutt candidly admitted in his interviews, “All the types of drugs I have, I am told that one in 10 people is addicted to something like this, eating addiction, gambling, Alcohol or drugs can be taken, I was one of 10. Drugs are a kind of disease. ”

He said that no one accepts a drug addict but “Dad accepted me. He used to call producers and say that before you take my son, he takes drugs.”

What did Sunil Dutt teach Sanjay Dutt?

‘I left drugs because …’
Sanjay Dutt had told in a TV show, “One day my eyes were open one morning, there was a servant standing nearby, I said – get some food, hungry, listening to it came tears in his eyes. You said, ‘You are sleeping after two days.’ When I saw a mirror, there was swelling on the face, scattered hair.

“I thought I would die. I went to the dad and said, ‘I need your help.'” Dad admitted me to Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai.

In early 1984, Sunil Dutt took him to America to get rid of drug addiction, this was the time when his relationship with Tina broke.
Sanjay was sitting in a group of drug rihabs in the US, when a boy suddenly played a recorded message of Nargis, who was the name of the beloved son Sanju.

The message was, “Sanju, more than anything, keep your humility and character alive. Never show off. Always be humble and respect elders. This will be the one thing that will take you far away. This will help you in your work too. ”

They say, “When you heard this voice of Mom, I cried for hours.” After listening to this two years after Mom’s death, I cried for four or five hours.

After returning to India, Sanjay Dutt found himself on the cross, “After returning to India nine months later, the first person who came to see me after coming to visit me was a drug paddler, I had two paths, first I used to take drugs. I refused. I chose another way. ”

Sanjay, who was in the US for nine months of treatment, decided to leave the film industry and go to America and do business.

But then Pappu Verma signed Sanjay Dutt for ‘Jann Ki Baazi’. Sanjay Dutt, released in 1985, went away in the US.

A good turn in Sanjay Dutt’s life came with Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Naam’ released in 1986, the lyrics of the film’s songs were like some, as if they were written to prevent them from going to the United States. ‘You will be gone tomorrow … The letter has come, the letter has come.’

After many mohabbats, Sanjay Dutt’s heart goes to Richa Sharma. He was the discovery of Devanand. They started to meet and came closer to each other.

He married in 1987 and got a daughter in the next year, Trishala but suddenly Richa had a headache. Doctors are shown to have brain tumors. Richa and Trishala were shifted to the US for treatment.

After the success of ‘Naam’, the films continued to flop but with Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan, the 1991 film ‘Saajan’ hit the ground.

Meanwhile, the distances between Sanjay Dutt and Richa increased, their name started with Madhuri Dixit.
Story to become villain
The story so far was based on many old audio-video interviews and documentaries of Dutt family. But the most important and black pages associated with Sanjay Dutt are yet to turn back.

In 1993, Sanjay went to Mauritius for the shooting of ‘Aatish’. Investigation of the 1993 bomb blasts in India was going on. Sameer Hingora and Hanif Kadawala told the police that Sanjay had AK-56 rifle
When Sanjay returned to Mumbai, he was arrested under the anti-terrorism law ‘Tada’.

Yasir Usman writes in ‘The Crazy Untold Story of Bollywood Badboy’, “Sanjay told the police that during the shooting of Feroz Khan’s Yaggar film, he met Dawood and Anees in Dubai. Sanjay took three AK-56 from Abu Salem, Hanif and Sameer. But two AK-56 returned later. ”

Sunil Dutt was not sure how can Sanjay do this? According to a report published in Tehelka Magazine, he asked the son why he did such an act, in response to this, Sanjay Dutt said, “There is a Muslim blood running in my veins. I can not tolerate what was happening in the city. ”

Villains built on missing films
Sanjay Dutt had allegedly admitted to the fact that when he was in Mumbai, he was abroad and had asked his friend Yusuf Nalwala to destroy the rifle.

However, during the trial, Sanjay turned upside down with his statement.

One of the reasons for Sanjay’s weapons was the 1992 riots that followed Babri Masjid demolition, and those who make such claims are S Hussein Zaidi.

Zaidi writes in the book ‘My Name Is Abu Salem’, “After the demolition of the Babri Masjid, there were fierce riots in Mumbai. Sunil Dutt helped the people regardless of the religion of the wounded. Sanjay also came in large number Some people did not eat it Some extremist organizations started giving abuse and threats to the Dutt family. Sunil Dutt also attacked some places. Sanjay had been troubled by these phone calls. Film hero felt that the time has come to become a hero in real life.

Sanjay had to stay in prison for a few days but he came out on the vine.

In the movie rumored magazines where news of Madhuri-Sanjay’s relationship was being created, news of the breakdown of their relationship began.

The one who came to Sanjay’s jail to get the maximum benefit was Subhash Ghai. The villains were the biggest hit of 1993. This was the year when Sanjay met with model Riya Pillai.
Bell, Prison, Bell, Prison
After remaining on bail for one year, Sanjay had to go to jail again in July 1994. This time, the ‘egg cell’ is actually the place where the most dreaded criminals are kept.

A few years ago, Sanjay had reports of trouble from his sister Priya Dutt, but in the days of jail, the story of Farooq Sheikh’s show ‘Jina is the name of this’ is between the world and the world knows it.

Priya Dutt had said in the same show, “When we went to jail in Raksha Bandhan, Dad said,” Rakhi Bandi. Sanju said with a heavy heart – I have nothing to give to you but these coupons I have saved. These coupons used to buy tea in the jail. ”

Priya said in 1998 that Sanjay was still in the coupon.

Sanjay had an episode of the prison days in the show of Showy Garewal in Rondev.

Sanjay said, “If you come to meet the dad in jail, you will say tomorrow, tomorrow will be tomorrow.” It continued for three to four months. One day when Dad came and said – Son will be tomorrow, so I screamed, when will dad be? Daddy caught my caller and cried, ‘Son, forgive me, now I can not do anything for you.’

Yasir writes in Usman book that when Sunil Dutt did not get any help from then Chief Minister Sharad Pawar, he went to Balasaheb Thackeray. Thackeray freely defended Sanjay and said that no member of Datta family is anti-national.
Among those who supported Sanjay, Shatrughan Sinha was also.

These were Thackeray’s Shivsena, who was once firmly opposed to Sanjay Dutt’s films.

Sanjay was rested in October 1995 after 15 months of going to jail. Inspecting the forehead, Sanjay, wearing a white kurta, came out of jail.

After two months of her release, in December 1996, Richa Sharma breathed her last, Riya Pillai began to grow closer to her. Sanjay married Riya in 1998. His film was a ‘real’ hit in 1999 and he won the Filmfare Best Actor Award.
Sanjay Dutt’s famous dialogue in the real movie
In the year 2000, such audio came out, in which Sanjay Dutt was seen chatting with Chhota Shakeel. These audio will still be available on the internet today.

Yasir Usman writes in his book, “The CBI was recording these calls. They were presented as evidence in 2002.

Everybody in that house had lived separately now, where the Nargis had built a house in 58 Pali Hill of Mumbai.

In the year 2003, Sanjay Dutt got a film which has done a fantastic job on his image.

Sunil Dutt had played the role of Sanjay’s father in ‘Munnabhai ABS’, the film proved to be a big hit. Two years later in 2005, Sunil Dutt took a last breath. A father and husband, who spent a large part of their breath in dealing with pain
Sanjay Dutt
Sanjay’s relationship with Riya lasted till 2008. After this Sanjay became ‘recognized’. Recognition ie Dinnawaz Sheikh, who danced in the film ‘Jabhaani’, in the film ‘Gangaajal’, and danced in the item song, and came to the discussion.

Sanjay’s recognition came closer, but sisters Priya, Namrata and Jija, friends Kumar Gaurav were relieved. Both sisters were not included in the marriage of Sanjay-Vala. But in 2010, twins were given birth by the recognition of Ikra and Shahan. The anger of both the brothers is reduced.

But the 1993 stains were still on Sanjay’s brace. Munnabhai, who taught Gandhigiri to the people in 2006, had the punishment to catch the weapons of violence right now.
In 2007, the TADA court decided that Sanjay was not a terrorist but he was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment. Sanjay went to jail but soon came out on bail.

In 2013, the Supreme Court reduced the punishment of Sanjay Dutt to five years. Sanjay went to jail on May 2013 and in February 2016, on the basis of good behavior, the decision to release Sanjay from jail quickly.

In February 2016, Sanjay once again came out of the vaccine on the forehead. For Sanjay, who came out of the darkness of the prison, finally, ‘Mata happened morning.’
Especially now, when Sanjay Dutt has a film Sanju on his life. Ranbir Kapoor is playing the role of Sanjay in the film.

They are the same Ranbir, whose father had once gone to beat with Sanjay Dutt Gulshan Grover. The reason was Sanjay’s love for Tina

In Autobiography ‘Khullam Khulla’, Rishi Kapoor writes, “One day, Sanju and Gulshan went to the apartment of Grover Neetu. He suspected that there was something between me and Tina. Gulshan Grover later told me that Sanjay came to fight against Neetu’s house. But Neetu explained to Sanjay that there is nothing like you understand. There is nothing going on between Tina and Chintu (Rishi Kapoor). ”
Sanjay has worked in more than 130 films so far. Even in the face of the Samajwadi party, in the politics of hand tried, there was also differences from sister due to this.

Sanjay Dutt’s car number is 4545, Sanjay is also Sanju Baba for some people at this age, at the age of age, Sanjay Dutt has a body building like that Salman too will be ashamed.

Baba is said to be able to get some strength by looking at the mantras of the Sanskrit Sanskrit tattoo on the body of Sanjay. Tattoos, in which Sunil Nargis is also named, Oom Namah: Besides, more throws the Dragon also …
Due to secretly lying on a cigarette, the father used to wear shoes: Sanjay Dutt

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