Serrat’s ‘Topper’ which failed in the board examination


“It was May or June of 1992. Many students like me were waiting for the result to be presented in the Class X examination.”

Nagraj Manjule, who was famous all over the country from ‘Sarat’, spoke to the BBC about the results of his days.

“The result came and it came to know that I failed, my worst number came in mathematics and in English, there were only 6 numbers in English.”

“At that time the result of class X was given a lot of importance, nowadays many options of careers have been opened.”

“Even then, I feel that the day of the results still matters to students.”

“I was not interested in mathematics, though I am not the only student to dislike mathematics. But I knew that my paper of mathematics would get worse.”

‘Cut a number in French, or else it would be 100% result’
How many such numbers have started in the 10th-12th?
CBSE Tenth Examination: Four toppers in All India, more than 90% more than 1.31 lakh

A Dangers of Mathematics and English
Nagraj was a very simple student in studies. But he was very scared of mathematics and English.

It would be a surprise to you, but Nagraj, who directed one of the Marathi films more than one, got only 42 out of 100 in the Marathi subject.

He had given some relief to history-geography and science.

“In the examinations of the tenth, I had received only 32 marks in the subject of mathematics in 150. I was afraid of mathematics in my mind.”

Apart from mathematics, he was not well-liked by English too.

“There is no information about what the use of learning English, what is going to be learned from it, and then the way we teach language in our schools is also strange.”
Resolve of Nagraj Manjule
After the result
Nagraj explains, “When we start speaking our mother tongue, then we should not first be taught grammar of that language.”

“Grammar studies are done later, while leaving mother tongue and learning languages, they first have to be born with grammar.”

“He is not interested in Grammar, he does not take interest in learning the language. Just like this happened with me in some English case.”

Nagraj says, “In Tenth I have failed in two subjects, the evidence of this fact came in handy as a marksheet after a slight shock.”

“It was believed that the failure in the class X was a sin at that time. It was believed that the failure was the end of the whole life.”

“Neighbors, neighbors and relatives also say that nothing will happen to you now.”

“I was also a little unhappy. Marks would come less, but I knew it was very bad.”
It proved to be a failure …
At that time Nagraj’s father supported him.

Nagraj explains, “I found a lot of noise at that time. Dadaji explained to me that the examination of Tenth is not the end of life.”

“He said that you will also succeed in your life.”

Having proved to be a good fit for Nagraj.

Nagaraj explains, “If I pass, what can I do today that I have achieved? I often ask myself this question.”

“I was alone in my friends, all the friends walked their own way and I fell alone. This loneliness gave me a chance to think.”

“I used to think so much, read many books, maybe at that time only I laid the foundations of a director.”
Teaches life …

Nagraj says that whatever education does not give us school, he gives life.

“It is not at all that we are hit by a big arrow and it is not that it is a matter of shame.”

“Being happy in life is a different matter, neither is it related to being passed or failing.”

According to Nagraj, it is not that the things needed to spend a good life are taught in the school.
Nagraj taking national award
Self example
“Idea’s idea of ​​starting your own business does not come from school, it comes with experience and wisdom, so failure does not end.”

At this point, Nagraj gives examples of himself.

In the end he says, “Despite having failed in two subjects in class X, I wrote my own life story.”

“National award in this story, like many good and proud oneself, also came.”

“If a normal person like me can achieve everything, then why not you, adopt the result that has come and start your journey.”

“The story of success is to write to yourself.”

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