One reason for the heat rise, the cooling air conditioner

_102107152_8c0603a9-cf4d-4065-a4a4-27a1cd2d7447.jpgThese days, heat is being wiped out in many parts of India. In such cases, the air conditioners engaged in homes, offices and shops are relieving people from the heat of heat.

In this environment of global warming, the demand for air conditioner ie AC is constantly increasing. But do you know that those who give us coolness are making the world more hot?

Actually, electricity is used to run air conditioners. This extra power is making our environment more hot. Environmentalists say that 16 of the 17 years since the year 2001 are more hot.

In this case, the demand for the air conditioner is not a matter of surprise. According to the International Energy Agency, the energy used to run the air conditioner by 2050 will be tripled in today’s match.

That means by the year 2050, air conditioners around the world will consume billiards as much as US, EU and Japan do in the present time.

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Therefore, scientists and technology-based companies are trying to make the cooling system more effective, so that the power consumption is reduced.

For example, researchers at Stanford University have developed a special type of system. These systems are made of cutting-edge materials and “nano-photonics”.

It has a very thin and reflexing material, which throws away the heat even in the direct sunlight.
The skyclub system was tested on the roof.
If the air conditioner goes without electricity?
On testing, the researchers found that this could cool the water filled in pipes under the panel. Cooling can be easily done in this building with this cold water system.

There is no need for electricity to do all this. Researchers say that they want to market this skyclub system.

Danny Parker, associated with the University of Florida’s Solar Energy Center, has long been looking for ways to make air conditioners and heating systems more effective with their peers.

In the year 2016, he discovered a device that was cooled by water vaporization. This device can be connected with the traditional air conditioning unit, which will allow more cold air to get less electricity.

Researchers believe that in this way, the impact of cooling in European countries can be improved from 30% to 50%.
Samsung’s large company of technology developed a technique called “Wind Free”. This technique reduces the room temperature, so that the room gets cold.

The special thing is that there is no need to run electric fan with it. The Samsung company says that this technique is 32 percent more beneficial than conventional air conditioners.
A man trying to avoid heat in Karachi of Pakistan
The market already has many cheap and low power consumption air conditioners. These contain the inverter.

“People do not want to spend more money for the air conditioner,” says energy expert Lan Staffele, “electricity is very cheap in China, so they do not have much concern about electricity bills.”

Despite this, some Chinese energy companies launched programs to make the air-conditioner more effective in the beginning of the year so that power consumption could be reduced.
When no one is in the house, this remote control system automatically closes the AC
We can save a lot of energy by properly maintaining our air conditioner.

For example, Tado’s “Smart AC Control” is an app connected remote control. When people leave the room, this remote control automatically closes the air conditioner.

Apart from this, these remote controls also set the inside cooling to the outside season. Tado claims that such a better management can reduce energy consumption by 40 percent.

The use of renewable energy
Even if all the AC renewable energy is replaced by the use of renewable energy, we can also reduce the damage caused by it. But it seems unlikely.

Electricity demand for the air conditioner is constantly increasing. The reason is not only to increase the temperature but also to increase the income of the people.

In China, India and Indonesia, there is a possibility of 50 percent AC consumption of the whole world in the next 30 years.

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