Is everyone playing on the mobile is sick?

_102125901_gettyimages-583632638Sania (changed name) for four and a half years, from morning to morning to breakfast and to play school, does every work while watching cartoons on mobile.

When the brush or food is not eaten in hand, the ‘Angry Bird’ game is played on Sanya Mobile.

The game’s shortcut is not on the mobile screen, but with the Voice Search on YouTube, Sania does not have any time to find an Angry Bird.

From the size of his hand, his fingers run on a big mobile so fast as the elders do not run. His parents used to be surprised at first seeing his speed, but nowadays he starts to regret.

Sanya’s parents work in the Multi National Company. He often used to do his work as a home office while holding his mobile Sanahaya so that Sania did not obstruct his work.

But their habit will go ahead and become such a big problem for Sanya, they did not think.

Now Sania has become so accustomed to mobile that when she snatches away from the mobile hands, she loses on the ground and refuses to obey any of her parents. At the end of such a situation, parents have to give up.

Sania’s dependence on the mobile soared so much that she could neither make her friend in play school nor play in the park. Staying locked in the room throughout the day and stuck to the mobile.

Sanayah is currently undergoing treatment from Play Therapy. In the last two months, his habit has improved slightly.
Gaming addiction is a ‘disease’
Given the growing dependency and interest of people in the mobile and video games in the country and the world, the World Health Organization has described gaming addiction as a kind of disorder in the category of menstrual illness.

The World Classification Organization’s International Classification of Disease (ICD-11) has updated this manual manually after 27 years.

But it is not that sports addiction is only used in children.

According to Jayanti Datta, who is treating Sanaya, this disease is also found in the elderly.

He says that in many offices, many crazy mobile players like Angry Birds, Temple Run, Candy Crush, Contra will be found.

Doctor Jayanti Datta is a psychologist. According to them, people often start playing it to spend time. But when it turns into habit and becomes an important part of life, it does not seem to have used the person’s guess.
What is gaming disorder?

Victims of WHO have different addiction to playing games. These games can be digital games or video games too.

According to the WHO, the victims of this disease give more importance to playing the game in private life than the relationships that affect the daily activities.

But if any man has this addiction, then he can not be given a sick contract.

According to the World Health Organization, the person needs to see the gaming pattern throughout the year. If his addiction to playing his game, in his personal life, in family or social life, on education, there seems to be a worse effect on the job, then it can be considered as a ‘gaming addict’.

AIIMS in Delhi has a Behavioral Addiction Center. It was launched in 2016. According to the center’s doctor Yatan Pal Singh Balhara, the number of patients in the country has increased in the last two years.

Doctor Balhara is a psychiatrist with profession. According to him, there are five things to look for in any gaming addiction patient –

Is every game play sick?
According to a report released by WHO, it takes the form of disease in very few people playing mobile or video games. But it is very important to take care of how many hours you spend playing games on mobile during the day. If you get the time to play games on mobile by settling the rest of your life, then this is not a disease for those people.

How many hours does the game play sick?

In response to this question, Dr. Balhara says, ‘There is no such a formula. Playing four hours a day can also be sick, and 12 hours a day can work fine on the game.
He told the BBC that he has a case in which the child gaming for 4 hours a day. But she is sick.

Describing the child in detail, Dr. Singh says, “It is not enough to spend four hours on 24 hours in 24 hours, but that child is ill because the child used to spend seven hours in school and then the tuition was gone. Neither he used to talk to the parents, did not study, both had food and gold, so it was more difficult to get rid of this addiction. ”

Dr. Balahara further explains, “A second man who creates games or tests and plays 12 hours a day, he will not be called sick, because that is his profession and he has control over himself.”

Treatment of gaming addiction?
It is a disease in which both psychologists and psychiatrists have to get help. Many people believe that if both of them take treatment at a time then the difference in the patient is found quickly.

But psychiatrist Jayanti does not keep it from it. According to him, psychotherapy is very effective in many cases; in many cases, cognitive therapy is used. Children can play from play therapy. All this depends on the level of addiction in the patient.

According to Dr Balhara, these types of educations are more prevalent these days – gaming, internet and gambling.

There are three types of addiction treatment in Behavioral clinics run in Delhi’s AIIMS. These clinics run from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. every Saturday. The doctor came to see seven patients of almost five each week and treat the approximately 30 patient centers in months.
Most of the patients are boys or men. But it is not that girls do not have this addiction. Nowadays, its number is increasing in girls and women.

According to him, “If ever worked with therapy ever drugs and never get away with both treatments.”

Usually therapies have to go to the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist has to take medicines.

According to WHO Akando may need treatment by staying in the hospital, a patient of the 10 victims of the disease.

Usually in 6-8 weeks these gaming addiction addiction can be missed.

According to Doctor Balhara, there is a perfect way to avoid gaining a habit of gaming. Treatment after gaming addiction is not a very effective solution.

So before the next time you give your children in mobile hands or before playing the game on your phone, wait a moment and think carefully.

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