High Heels: When, Where, How Become Favorite


“If you do not question-answer to wear heels and dress from men, then you can not do it to me too.”

Marilyn Kristin Stewart of Twilight Saga (the same movie in which the wolf drinks human blood) arrived on Tuesday as a Jury Cannes film festival. When she reached the red carpet she was wearing a beautiful silver dress and black high heels. After walking a few steps, they lifted heels as soon as the stairs started.

Unlike him, he was opposed to Cannes Film Festival’s ‘No Flats Policy’.
However, this is not the first such case in the Cannes Film Festival.

In 2015, film producer Valeria Richter was stopped due to not wearing high heels. Later Richter got permission to get in. His one leg of Valeria was fake, and that is why he used to wear flats instead of heels.

Not just Cannes Film Festival …

A few years ago, PwC, a finance company in London, sent a receptionist from the office to refuse to wear a high heel sandal. After which he ran a campaign. On which he had received support of more than ten thousand people and had to answer the government.

Bloody legs …

While there are such cases, one picture was viral in 2016. A picture of the bloody claws of a female waiter working in a Canadian restaurant, gave rise to controversy on social media.
Where do these tick-talk high heels come from?

There are some rules for wearing high heels. For example, wearing high heels can not be easily restored on wet ground, mountain or rocky road. In such a situation, it becomes clear that they have been made for a particular purpose only.

High heel shoes have been used for centuries as horseback riding shoes. ?? It was important to have good horse in Iran and Persia.

When the horseman used to shoot an arrow from the horse while running it, the higher heel would catch him on the stirrup of the horse. When Shah Abbas of Persia sent his ambassador to Europe in 1599, these shoes reached Europe with them.
At that time, there was such an environment that if these high heel boots could make men men and women impatient.

As these hobbies reached the common man from the nobles, the nobles started to increase the heels of their shoes and likewise the shoes of high ankles came in the way.

Louis of France was the fourteenth great ruler, but his length was just five feet four inches. He completed his heights of 10 inches heel.

Even today, it is easy to make the heels, making such heels in that era was an engineering challenge. When women became fashionable in appearance in men, then these high heels became the choice of women and children. Women wanted to look like men and these high heels were doing their best to fulfill this wish.
During this time the men’s heels went down, and the women’s heels went up and down. The shoes of women’s shoes were so sharp that their legs looked smaller and thinner.

By 1740 men had stopped using high heels. 50 years later, these high heel shoes disappeared from the feet of women.

In the middle of the 19th century, high heel shoes returned to fashion. In this period photography was determining the image and fashion of women.

The belief that high heels are important for presenting the stimulant form of women, and since then, the form of the heel has changed from time to time, but its existence did not end.

High heels and health

It is common belief that wearing high heels can be dangerous for health, but despite its women wear them with great passion.

According to The Spine Health Institute, wearing high heels has a bad effect on the spinal cord, hip, knee, heel and leg.

According to a research by The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, wearing high heel increases the risk of arthritis. In which there is a complaint of joint pain and muscle loss.
Professor Anthony Redmond, who specializes in problems related to the foot, and researcher at Arthritis, says that for everyday, wearing footwear from the front and two to three centimeters i.e. one inch heel of footwear should be worn. Also, the soul should be able to catch shocks.

According to The Spine Health Institute, it is important for the body to be balanced to walk or stand. Wearing high heel is difficult to balance the body. Upon wearing high heels, the upper part of the body comes outwards. The lower part of the back comes forward, causing the balance of the spinal cord and the hip. There is additional pressure on the knees and the stretch on the shank increases. At the same time, the pressure increases even on the toes.

How much do people spend on their health in India?

Is High Heel Affect Men?

The spinal cord is usually the letter of the letter S in English, but this size is not normal when wearing high heel. In this way, back pain or muscle strain is very common.

If you are worried then what are you worried about?

– Avoid wearing high heels for a long time.

– Keep exercising related to leg muscles. After wearing and unloading, both times
– Avoid wear too high heeled sandals.

Whenever buying shoes or sandals, try to buy in the afternoon as the feet are at its greatest size during this time.

Avoid wearing pawned high heels.

– If possible, wear different shades of shoes everyday

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