Bollywood’s ‘Splashy Villain’ Danny strolls in the forest with sharp weapons

_101689483_danny_3.jpgFor sharp weapons in hand, Danny Danzongpa is moving forward in sweat, clearing prickly shrubs in a dense forest, sweeping wetlands.

If you are asked what would have happened after this scene, you would probably say that the villains of the Hindi films, villain Danny, give their enemy four pieces by their sharp claims next time, and then tinking their teeth on the big screen, their vulgar laughs. is.

You made a mistake here!

This is not the scene of Danny’s film, but in his real life, he goes out on foot in the jungles of Sikkim, cutting a chilli for Mishti or dava, runs horseback and climbs on trees even at seventy-seven years of age. Danny says that his health is also the secret.

Why does not Bollywood show love of an early age?
‘Satya ka kallu kamla mama bana gaya che mahila, no work’
Adorned, differently-colored colors Bollywood- Hollywood

Film of danny
He used to say, “We used to be hunters, they were in our jeans, we used to run behind the animals but now that the trains have come, the AC has arrived, people sit in front of the TV or else the AC carriage I have not left the walk. ”

This Friday, Danny’s film ‘Biskopavala’ is going to be released but instead of being included in its premiere, he is preparing to go for fifteen days ahead of the Gangtok for trekking trekking.

“All things are ready, horses are ready, so I will not be able to join the premiere of ‘Bissoopavala’,” Danny told his village Yuksam on a mobile phone. They leave Mumbai’s mobs and noise and often reach their hometown of Sikkim.
Story of tagore
Even after spending four decades in the film industry, Danny says only good things about everyone.

He says, “When I went to school to read, I had to walk for three days to catch the bus from my village. When I reached Bombay, I had only 1500 rupees. The shoe I wear will be worth hundreds of times more than that. ”

They do not even regret that they now get less work from their mind.

His new film ‘Biscopawala’ is based on the story of ‘Rabindranath Tagore’ Kabuliwala, which has also been made before this name.

But this time the story of Tagore is not shown in the old time but in the 1980s. Danny Danzongpa plays Kabulivala in this.
Danny’s stubbornness
In this film you will see Danny as an Afghan bissoop. He says that he did not have to work harder to play Kabuliwala’s character.

He recalls that he had a classmate in Poona’s film and television institute, who was a resident of Afghanistan, from which he learned the tone of Pathans, and this tone came in the film.

In the film world of which the long multi-faceted face of Chakliti is considered to be an actor, in the beginning of the seventies, in the beginning of the seventies, it is possible to imagine how difficult it was to reach the north-eastern Mongol face Danny. .
In the film ‘My own’
Danny says that those days the dramatic films were made in which there was tension between the mother-in-law, the meeting of the brothers, and the stories of hero-villain.

Danny says he has been advised by some well wishers that in the kind of films that make up, you will not have face-to-face characters like that, hence still do a job somewhere.

But Danny stubbornly believed that as an actor, he would accept only his steps.

He did his diploma in acting from Poona Film Institute, he was a professional singer and was not ready to return home.

In such a case, Gulzar gave Danny a small roll of a student in ‘My own’ movie. The film went on and praised Danny’s work.
Danny’s acceptance
After this, in 1971, director BR Ishara took his film in ‘Surat’. Then the Hindi film industry opened its doors for Danny.

In the film ‘Dhund’ of ‘Bhaar Chopra’, Danny played the role of a ghassal, eccentric and untoward husband, and his acting began to sink, and he got ‘false coin’, ‘thief marchay noise’, ‘phakira’, ‘kalicharan ‘Like’ Ek Tha Tiger ‘

But Danny explains that he was still not comfortable from within that he was asked to play a Mongol-like actor like the North Indian character.

When NN Sippy offered a roll of Shashi Kapoor’s brother to Danny in ‘Fakira’, he said, “I do not look like anybody from Shashi Kapoor’s brother from any angle. But Sippy told him that the audience has accepted you and now he will accept you in any role.
Danny is also accompanied by actor
Danny laughed, “After that we played the brother of Vinod Khanna, brother of Shatrughan Sinha, brother of Mithun Chakraborty, father, friend and enemy. It was ironic that Danny got training like acting from Film and Television Institution. In the film world, it was asked to do exactly the opposite work. ”

“At the Film Institute we were told that you do not have to act, but to act according to the recommendations. We were told that there was the acting thriller of Konstantin Stanislavsky . A teacher used to teach method acting from New York But when we were acting in real movies, the director did not do okay shots. ”

Danny says that he was the time of dialogue. Loud expression and loud make-up were the peculiarities of that period. Those who used to do realistic act in art films did not get the job, but those who acted keeping in mind the demands of the market had work only.
Danny Dunzongpa
Danny says, “I thought that the stars first become stars and when they become their place, then they will work in their favorite films. But unfortunately, in your films, you become a special lager, daily life, and you will again Can not fit in other types of films. ”

But now they have the satisfaction that even the marginalized viewers are beginning to understand that intuitive acting is actually acting. Now they have opportunities to watch outside movies and they can easily compare.

Along with being a Danny Actor, he is also a very good singer and he has sung songs with big names like Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar of the film industry, and his songs have also been a hit. One of his songs was filmed with Johnnie Walker and Jayshree T. – My loop avo, my name is Ravo.

Remembering that round, Danny laughs openly and says that you are reminding me of mythical time. The character Johnny Walker did before she met Danny, but in the last moment, his role was cut. But Sachin Deb Burman insisted that singing would be done only in the voice of Danny and after all it was gone.

But sitting in comfort in his house in the hills ahead of Gangtok, Danny, on a telephone, refused to murmur away. The song of Riyaz is not a gift to them.

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