Blog: Why love in elder age not show in Bollywood movies?


“Never praised the food he made, thought he would know

Never told him that you are looking very beautiful, thought he would know

It’s never that I love him, thought he would know. ”

These dialogues, or say, emotions belong to a 52-year-old man (actor Sanjay Mishra) who goes to office daily, earns and carries on family care. For her, that is the meaning of marriage.

But his wife considers it only to be responsible – not love. In addition to her responsibility, she also needs a little love, a little romance in life.

Love, Ishq, Love, Romance – These all look and feel we associate with boyhood, adolescence or youth. But after crossing 40 or 50, there is no need or love in life? If there is also, then what is lost between worldly, job, family and family?

Facebook will match 20 million people with their love, but how?

The Story of Love and Freedom of a Sex Worker …
This week after seeing this movie released in ‘English,’ this idea came to mind.

What is the story of the movie?
The movie is called ‘in English’ – the story of three joints for which love has different meanings.

The story revolves around the 52-year-old Yash Batra (Sanjay Mishra) and his wife Kiran (Ekawali) who no longer have any romance in their life. If there is even the husband has no idea whether to tell him or not.

She is not a villain, but in the middle age too there is love and she can be told that she probably has not learned.

Love of love

If not, then you will pay compensation to the ex-boyfriend
There will be many Hindi films that go around the trees, go to the disco, never steal, and sometimes Khullam-Khulla Ishq Fermate tells the story of young hearts, but stories of love stories are rarely available in the old age.

Actually, in 2011, actress Suhasini had married love marriage at the age of 60. He was also surprised that his marriage became such a big issue and why people made him a ‘Feminism oikon’.

Love, love and hard

Can the love in the locked rooms of brothels be over?
Yes, I remember the song of ‘Waqt’ in 1965, ‘Ai Mary Zohra Jabhiin’, which gives love and love to Ishq in old age (if such a word).

Or the 2007 film Honeymoon Travels in which many young couples are going for honeymoon and there is a pair of them between Boman Irani and Shabana Azmi. Both are of middle age, they have children and both of them have this second marriage.

‘They do night and day, then people ask what work they do’

Have not you forgotten to love yourself?

Separate sweeteners and different predictions
The love story of these two couples, which came to celebrate honeymoon among the five young couples, goes further for a different sweetness and realization.

There is a scene in the movie where an old reminder of depression in the heart of Boman Irani and he embraces the new bride Shabana with a loud hug between the road and kiss.
Both have given life to many wounds, but life has given another chance to make love and they do not want to come back to the old age.

There are only few Hindi films that spell love beyond the threshold of Jawani- whatever the circumstances are.

For instance, in the film ‘Dil Chahta Hai’, the story of a middle-edged divorced woman (Dimple Kapadia) that is lonely … becomes a companion of her seclusion, her neighbor (Akshay Khanna) who is younger than her. But the incomplete relationship between the two is not the love of age.

Or Sharmila Tagore and Anupam Kher’s movie Morning Walk

When Anupam Kher, who came to his granddaughter for a few days, goes to Morning Walk one day, he meets Sharmila Tagore, who was more than his friend in Jawani. The story of the film moves forward with the glory of the two elderly people and the future.

‘Killer Love of the Grave – 377’

Love-examination-restlessness, where do you hunt?
A scene from the movie Honeymoon Travels
Who will forget Ashok Kumar’s sour-sweet
Basu Chatterjee’s film Khatta Meetha – looks forward to this relationship with the look of the comedy.

Who can forget Ashok Kumar in the film whose wife is dead and in old age he is looking for a companion for himself, who also thinks of his four sons. But when he marries a Parsi widow (Pearl Padamsee), like the whole family becomes angry.

In 2004, there was a film in English, ‘Notebook’ – The love story of two young hearts – story, which reads an elderly woman Eli, who lives in an elderly male nursing home, from Daily Notebook.

Traveling from Sweden to Surat in search of mother

‘She fell in love with my sweaty face …’
Ashok Kumar in Khatta Meetha
The old woman counting her last breath is dementia and she has forgotten her everyday story is no one else’s lover and husband, and that love story is the story of her own life in reality.

After heart attack, the person has to be admitted one night to the same hospital. At midnight, he leaves his room and goes to his girlfriend and wife’s Dementia ward.

This princess will leave the royal status for the sake of love

The Story of Beautiful Love ‘The Notebook’
In the middle of the caste system, Ellie recognizes him. Then both of them go to sleep on a bed by holding their hands – to be one forever.

This was a different love story between two elderly people. Or the British film ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’, where a group of Reuters veterans come to stay in a retirement hotel in India and is worn there, the story of love and friendship between these old people.

Eyes: What’s in Ladies Parlor?
A scene from the movie notebook
But in the Indian environment, ways of loving love are different, here also the young heart remains imprisoned in many restrictions.

Here in the home-families parents, the love for love between the elderly is in some other way, and sometimes even the signs do not happen. Perhaps this is also seen in our cinema as seen in the movie “English is called”.

I think how many people will be like this, like the heroine Kiran of the middle age of the film, due to the age of attention, there is no chance to show their love. Or social conditioning is something such that it is not taught to talk to this feeling.

Perhaps this is why songwriter Indiwar wrote these words many years ago, which Jagjit Singh sang in his velvet voice –

“There is no limit to age, neither birth nor birth

When someone loves, then only mind can see

You can immortal this ritual by running a new ritual

Make my song immortal, touch you with lips. ”

‘America will love to return, love will return’

Katju said, Jayalalitha used to love …

A unique love story beyond the Rasmo-Riyadh and Gender boundaries

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