Animals who have ‘night watch glasses’

_102091976_688c0957-e06e-4b95-a159-3f511f29ae78.jpgThis little animal appearing above the Tarasier name is known for its big and bright eyes.

Tysier’s eyes, found in Southeast Asia, are equal to his brain. He can not rotate the pupil of the eyes; If he has to see something around him, he has to make his whole head rotate on that side.

But these horror eyes of Tarsier are also his specialness, because he can easily see them in the dark darkness too easily. Regardless of how dark it may be, the insects and small trees can not escape from the sight of the torseer.

Professor Jeff Boxless of London’s Natural History Museum explains, “Tarsier looks like a single color, his eyes are so beautiful that he can gather every last photo of the light.”

“His eyes are like night-vision glasses that can be seen in the night.”

Jeff is the science lead of a new exhibition set in Britain by the National Health Mission of Britain. The theme of this exhibition is Life in the Dark.

There are many wonderful creatures who adopt unique ways to preserve their existence. At the same time, the incredible art of seeing them in the dark also comes.

The exhibition of Natural History Museum will showcase some of the best species. Some of these are known to you – like Bat.

Some of these creatures will be new to you because they have been recently discovered. Many of them live in caves so many are found in the depths of the ocean.

How many animals are born every day in the world?
Threadfin Dragonfish
Light emanates from the body

Take Threadfin Dragonfish. These fish are found in that part of the ocean where sunlight can not reach. Therefore there is lack of light.

The lower part of the body of Threadfin Dragonsfish produces a kind of light. Wavelength and amplitude of light emerging from its body is the same as normal light.

With this light it can easily be seen anywhere. This also helps him avoid the hunter.

In addition to the special body that produces the light, there are also two ‘head lamps’ behind the eyes of Threadfin Dragonsfish. These head lamps can be on-off.

Jeff says, “If you are very low in the ocean and you see a glowing thing, then it can be a hunter or something that you can eat or that could be a potential companion for sexual intercourse . ”

‘People see me like a strange animal’
There is a curtain of hair on the remaped body, with the help of which it senses the movement in the water.
Caves living organisms
Caves are also a place where the lights do not reach. There will also be creatures living in caves in this exhibition. One of such creatures is Rimepad.

Remedies live in the caves situated under the sea.

Jeff explains that these creatures are found mostly in the Caribbean, Yucatan, Mexico Bay.

“They are blind, they have long-long antenna and a curtain happens that they come to know the hunter coming near them. They know the stir in the water.”

If the animals are as intelligent as humans then …?
When born, Olm Salamander has eyes, but can not develop.
In this exhibition, mice will also be told, who at night detect their surroundings with the help of their mustaches.

Robin Grant of Manchester Metropolitan University, in his study, tried to find out how the mice of mice work after all.

On seeing from the camera, he found that mice rotate their mustache 10 times in a second, so that they know how safe it is to step forward.

Robin explains, “The eyes of rats are very big, but they can not trust them at night, they find out the things around with the help of their mustache.”

“If he can not find it, then he jumps. Even at jumping, he uses his mustache.”
Waking up at night, wears the trees on the branches of the trees and detects the insects.
A recent study showed that human activities are pushing many mammalian creatures into the dark.

From small animals to large African elephants, many creatures come out in the night to make people distance from humans.

Human populations are increasingly growing, in such a way, night vision of animals is helpful in both survival, but there may be many harmful consequences.

Many animals prey on seeing. If they are forced to hunt in the night, they probably will not be able to hunt. In such a situation, there will be a crisis on their existence.

Life in the Dark Exhibition of Natural History Museum will begin on July 13 and will run till 6 January.

These animals are not visible!

This creature resembling butterfly leaves a kind of chemical to attract its partner
There are many such creatures in the depths of the sea that produce light
Deep-Sea Isopod

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