Will Trump get nobel Prize of peace?

_101522569_bee94eeb-8f34-4816-b461-44688a4b1768.jpgTalk about Nobel Peace Prize, people can be divided into three separate parts.

On one side there are people who were awarded the Peace Prize for their work. These include celebrities such as Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela.

In the second part, people come who should have received this honor, but they could not get this respect.

Among such people is Mahatma Gandhi’s name which is considered to be the greatest symbol of peace in the past century.
Mahatma Gandhi
After that, those people who may one day get a peace prize from the Nobel Committee. Such people come from American President Donald Trump.

‘Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize Fuzzy’

What does the Nobel Peace Prize Winner ICAN?

Formal nomination of trump name
On behalf of the Republican Party, 18 Congress members wrote a letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee chairman.

In this, Congress members have nominated the Nobel Peace Prize citing actions related to bringing peace to the region by agreeing to leave the nuclear weapons in the countries of the Korean Peninsula.

Steve King, who is part of these Congress members, says, “When I came to know that President Trump accepted the offer to negotiate with North Korean leader Kim Jong-them about the disarmament of nuclear weapons in the Korean Peninsula, then in my mind These thoughts came. ”

He said, “I thought that Obama had won Nobel Peace Prize and we still do not know why this happened, he was the elected president of the United States, then to become the position of the release of nuclear weapons in the Korean Peninsula. After that President Trump should be more qualified for this. ”
Former US President Barack Obama taking the Nobel Peace Prize
In such a situation, politicians such as Trumpk, who face criticism on issues such as racism and damaging pluralism, can get the biggest award of peace.

Can Trump get Peace Prize?
There have been discussions about the nomination of Trump for the Peace Prize for the past several months.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee in March had told that an unknown person had extended the name of the trump for a strange reason.

Next month, South Korea’s President Moon J.-in also said that Trump should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

But since the Trump’s 18 party members of the party have formally sent their names to the Nobel Committee, the market of discussions has become hot.

When Trump asked about this, he smiled and said, “Everyone feels like this, but I will never say that. The award I would like to win will be the world’s victory”

But if talk of Trump’s supporters, the voices of ‘Nobel-Nobel’ were heard in a social event organized by Trumpets in Michigan a few days ago.
Jay Nordinger, who writes a book called ‘Peace’, says that if the world’s most controversial and controversial Nobel Peace Prize is given to a disputed person like Trumpet, it would be very strange.

He further explains, “But this peace award has been the subject of controversy since the beginning of 1902.”

Among those who have received this award include former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and former Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat.

‘Kim Jong-he received these awards’

Some international observers believe that South Korea should get more credit than America for peace with North Korea.

Not only that, they believe that South Koreans took strategic steps, so that the US government could be ready to negotiate because in August, when Trump had said that North Korea threatened the United States, he would take strong action. After this the atmosphere of concern was being seen.

Trump has said after the release of three American nationals that his and Kim Jong-un will meet on June 12 in Singapore.

But here North Korean leader can be a long way to prepare his nuclear weapons to finish.
And even if this happens, the issue of debate will still be whether the trump should not be given to the South Korean President Moon J-In and Kim Jong- with those whose government is known for violating human rights.

And before the prize, Trump’s own history will count as much.

On Thursday, American comedian Seeth Meyers said in the Late Night Program of NBC Television, “This is the same person who wanted to curb the Muslims, and said that the families of terrorists should be finished and said that they want to The numbers of migrants coming from Africa and Haiti are reduced. ”

Why did Obama get Nobel
When Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize, his tenure took just nine months and he was given the award “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation among the people”.

But the Trump is charged with doing exactly the opposite.

According to a poll, one year after taking over Trump’s presidency, the image of America has weakened around the world.

Trump has taken America out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Along with this, Iran also took out the Iran nuclear agreement this week, While Obama has embarked on this deal with Germany, China, France, Britain and Russia.
But Republican Congressman Pet Olsen, who has signed the letter nominating Trump to Noble, does not believe that due to being out of Iran’s nuclear deal, there will be an impact on Trump’s candidacy as every President Gives different feedback.

Olson, speaking , said, “It should be remembered that America’s first President, Theodore Roosevelt, who received this award, had achieved this award by making peace by settling the award while he waged a very controversial war in the Philippines. Was. ”

At the same time, Nordinger believes that exit from Iran’s nuclear deal can have an impact on Trump’s candidature. But he warns that the Peace Prize is given to people for their special work and their other actions are not affected by it.

He says, “There will be a lot of controversy about this, but if there is any peace or nuclear disarmament in the Korean Peninsula, then it is possible that Trump’s name should be included among the recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize.”

China’s Nobel Peace Prize winner Lu Shiabao passes away

What does the Nobel Peace Prize Winner ICAN?

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