Who are they whom Sonam Kapoor is getting married …

_101148015_caxxxpture.jpg‘Those who do not believe in magic, they never get magic!’

One thing that always strikes me, is that ‘if we cheer one person, then the whole world is happy.’

How straight and truthful it is. The only way to relax and peace in the world is to love those around you.

These things are not written by any other person who is immersed in love, but Anand Ahuja, son of Sonam Kapoor, has written it.

Over the past few days, speculations were being made about the marriage of actor Anil Kapoor and Sunita’s daughter Sonam and Anand Ahuja, who had a relationship with Delhi’s business family. But now it is confirmed.

Sonam and Anand will be in Mumbai on 8th May and officially announced on Wednesday. And in a few moments, the card of marriage and engagement in the social media became viral too.
Sonam-Anand’s family said in a statement, “Kapoor and Ahuja families are very happy to announce the marriage of Sonam and Anand. Marriage will take place on May 8 in Mumbai.

“Because this is a very family affair, so we urge the family to respect the privacy. In the midst of the happiness of these special moments, we expect your love and blessings. ”

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Sonam and Mehnda Mehndi will be on May 7 at Suntec located in Signature Island of Bandra. The next day the marriage ceremony was held in Rockdale, which is being described as Sonam’s Aunt Bungalow. The wedding time is given from 11 am to 12 pm.

And at the Leela Hotel in Mumbai there will be a party in the evening. The Kapoor and Ahuja families have also given the dress code for different celebrations and it has also been written, “Your coming on this special day will be a special gift for us.”
However, the wedding card has not mentioned a different concert. Earlier, there was news that Karan Johar took over the responsibility of music, while Farah Khan will see choreography in Ceremoni.

But when he met Anand Ahuja, who and Sonam Kapoor met him. They come from Delhi and are businessmen. He is the owner of the Popular Apparel Manufacturing Company.

Apart from this, he also runs multi-brand sneaker boutiques called Vege Non-Veg in Delhi. He is also the managing director of Shahi Exports, which has a Turnover of Rs. 3,000 crores annually.

Anand studied at the American Embassy School and then graduated from the Warton School of University of Pennsylvania.
He interned in Amazon.com in USA and after that he returned to Delhi and joined his father Harish Ahuja.

It is said that in the year 2014, Anand Ahuja met Sonam Kapoor through the fashion designer and Sonam’s styling inspiration Quraishi. Within one month of the meeting, Anand propagated them.

Sonam and Anand have been seen together in social media and in real life too many times.

In February, Anand, along with Sonam, went to Dubai to take part in Marwah’s marriage. And even when Sridevi’s funeral was performed in Mumbai, he had also met with Sonam.

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