West Bengal: Seven killed in electoral violence, many injured


At least seven people have died due to large-scale violence during the voting for Panchayat elections on Monday in West Bengal.

There is also information about the injuries of more than two dozen people in this violence.

There are allegations of violent clashes, threats to voters and capturing booths from different parts of the state.

The BJP has accused the ruling Trinamool Congress of spreading panic, violence and booth capturing.

But Trinamool Congress has denied these allegations. Police confirmed the death of five people during the violence in various parts of the state.

However, the police have not said that the people who died were related to which political party. Average 41.51 percent of the votes were held by one o’clock in the afternoon.

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This position of violence is only when the ruling Trinamool Congress has won 34 percent of the seats.
Most violent election
Political observers have declared the Panchayat elections this time as the most violent election of the recent years.

After a long legal battle between the state government, Trinamool Congress, BJP, CPI (M), Congress and the State Election Commission, voting is going to be held in Panchayat elections on Monday.

Earlier, at least 12 workers and supporters of different political parties were killed in violence during the filing of nomination process.

This position of violence is only when the ruling Trinamool Congress has won 34 percent of the seats.

21 people were killed during the last five phases of Panchayat elections in 2013.

In some areas of South 24 Parganas, alleged Trinamool Congress activists attacked journalists of a local TV channel and broke into their car.

Five journalists were injured in this attack.

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Questions on the Trinamool
State Director General of Police Surjit Kot Purkayastha said, “There have been reports of deaths of five people during the violence in some areas. The cases are being investigated.”

Among those killed included a CPI (M) leader and his wife in south 24-Parganas district. In this case, fingers are rising on the Trinamool Congress.

The couple was allegedly burnt and burnt in their house late Sunday night.

His family alleges that Trinamool Congress supporters set fire to the house on Sunday night.

Sunderbans Coast Police’s SP Tathagat Basu has confirmed the death of the couple by burning them in the fire.

They said that the matter is under investigation. Forensic experts have reached the spot.
21 people were killed during the previous Panchayat elections in five phases in 2013 (file photo)
Bomb blast outside polling booth
The CPI (M) district secretary Shamil Lahiri claims, “The gangsters of the Trinamool Congress set fire to house after fighting with Deobrasad Das and his wife Usha.”

But local Trinamool Congress MLA and minister Mantu Pakhira described these allegations as baseless. He says, “Fire may have been with the circuit.”

One of four people injured in a bomb blast outside a polling booth in Tapan area of ​​south Dinajpur district later succumbed to injuries in the hospital.

Apart from this, reports of violence and ballot boxes have also been reported from Murshidabad, Nadiya, North 24 Parganas and Cooch Behar districts.

Murshidabad has reported the death of a BJP worker due to the bomb blast. A Trinamool Congress supporter died after being shot in Nadia district.

In the South 24-Parganas district, a Trinamool supporter Arif Ghazi was killed in the shooting.
. There are allegations of violent clashes, threatening voters and capturing booths from different parts of West Bengal. (File photo)
Lathi charge of police
In Coochbihar, North Bengal Development Minister Rabindranath Ghosh slapped a person out of the polling booth.

Despite the broadcast of footage on TV, he claimed to not slap.

To prevent the clash between the two groups in the Bhangra area of ​​South 24-Parganas, the police had to lathi charge and to leave the tear gas shells.

Meanwhile, Trinamool Congress general secretary Partha Chatterjee said, “In addition to the sporadic incidents of violence, voting is peaceful.”

He told that the police administration is fully prepared to fight violence

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