Voice of Talat Mahmood was Soaking honey


It is said that whenever there was any music in the 1950s and in which musicians such as Mohammad Rafi, Mukesh and Kishore Kumar were present, most of the time Talat Mahmud was called to sing.

Once Kishore Kumar went to Talat Mehmood and said, ‘I think I should give up singing. What is your hold on Urdu language, how can I do it? ‘

Talat Mahmood’s daughter Sabina Talat Mahmood says, “Once I wanted to go to Kishore Kumar’s concert in Shanmukhanand Hall. When I told this to my father, ‘not only did he buy the ticket for that concert, but he himself went to Shanmukhanand Hall listening to Kishore Kumar. Someone at the beach concert recognized him and reached the news of Kishore Kumar that Talat Mahmud was present in the hall with his daughter. Kishore announced immediately from the forum that Talat Sahab has been sitting among us. He summoned them to the stage and said that ‘Talat Saab is not there in your place, here it is. You sit with me. ‘

The beauty of Talat
Even today there are many people who can sing like Mohammed Rafi, Mukesh or Kishore Kumar, or try to sing, but such a very difficult thing will come out, which can create the melody and grace of Talat Mahmood in his voice. Manik Premchand has written several books on Hindi film music. One of them is the biography of Talat Mehmood, ‘The Velvet Voice’.

Manik explains that his hypnosis took place in 1958 with the voice of Talat. ‘The point is 1958, when I was returning home after seeing the Republic Day Parade in Delhi with my family in a car. Everyone was talking among themselves. Then, on the radio, Talat Mahmud singed the song, ‘What the night did show the dream.’ I noted that all the people suddenly became silent. This was their way to respect Mahmud’s voice. Since then, Talat Mehmood has been living forever in my life. ‘

The glory of the song in the Royal Albert Hall
In 1979, Talat Mahmud performed at the Royal Albert Hall of London.
Born on February 24, 1924 in Lucknow, Talat Mahmud had absorbed the adbh and Tahajib of Lucknow. They used to sing as sweet as they used to be sweet. Talat Mahmood’s resident Sahar Zaman is a journalist and is associated with the TV channel ‘Mirror Now’.

Sair explains, ‘inside them was filled with tahajib codenamed Lucknow. The mood was very benign. His senses of humor was a ghazab. They used to laugh very much. When my mother was young, she used to read comics by her school library and used to read it. He was more fond of ice cream. He was fond of wearing stylish clothes. Always lived in suitboot. He was also fond of roaming the world. In the 1950s, he started the world tour. He was the second Indian singer who sang in London’s ‘Royal Albert Hall’. He later sang in New York’s ‘Madison Square Garden’.

Just listening to the euphoria

Talat Mahmud studied music at Bhatkhande Music College, Lucknow, which was formerly known as Maris College. Talat could not do anything special in the written examination of the entrance examination, but when his voice was examined, the examiner was surprised to hear his estranged and Talat Mahmud was admitted to the question without asking any questions.

Manik Premchand explains, “Later, Talat sang this fame in the first fifty seconds before the movie” Shootah of the dreams, the world is difficult to live in the eyes. ”

Anil Biswas gave first break
Talat Mahmood (right) with Naushad Ali (left)
Forty years ago, he started singing from All India Radio’s Lucknow station. In 1941, he moved to Calcutta, where HMV signed a contract with him for thirty rupees per song. His fame in Calcutta was written by Hashmi’s song “Pyaar Tere Dil Mera Behlla Na Nahin”, which became famous all over India.

In 1949, he reached Bombay to try his fate. Talat’s fame had already reached there before reaching there. Anil Biswas gave him the first break and he sang Dilip Kumar’s ‘Aarzu’ for ‘Aye Dil Meke Ak Le Ke Hoon Hoon,’.

Muhammad Rafi and Talat Mahmood with the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru
In the early stages of his career, he was rejected several times due to the vibrations found in his voice. It is a different matter that this vibration and the same lurisibi went forward and became the USP of their songs.

Manik Premchand explains, ‘The way he used to sing, he used to speak in the same way. They had to come close to listen to them. His own nature was visible in his songs. He was a very respected man. If you are interested in listening to Talat, you will find that his songs are a very important part, his poeticity. ‘

Talat had a lot of understanding of Urdu poetry, so he chose to sing those songs which were very close to the heart of the audience. There was no such range as Mohammed Rafi in his voice. He did not even have a Barry Tone in his voice, which was in the voice of Hemant Kumar. But despite singing in a limited range, he was still going home in the heart of music lovers.

Kishore says, ‘Let us run away’

Talat Mahmud had a very close friendship with Manna Dey. Manna Dey writes in his autobiography ‘Memories Come Alive’, ‘Once Madan Mohan hosted a dinner in honor of Bombay Eye Malika-e-Ghazal Begum Akhtar, in which every big music personality of Bombay was called. As expected, there was a gathering of music before the banquet and the first thing to be told was that Talat Mahmud came in front of Mike. As soon as his first ghazal ended, there was so much applause that Kishore Kumar, who was sitting between me and Mohammad Rafi, whispered to both of us, let us both run secretly. Who will listen to the people after the magic spreading the Talat?

When Chu Ani Lai Talat Mahmud heard Zoom

Many famous singers from India along with Chu En Lai, Talat Mehmood on the right
Before China’s 1962 India-China war, when China’s Prime Minister Chu An-Lai came to India, he went to Mumbai. There the caretaker governor Mohammad Karim Chagla organized a musical conference in his honor.

Manik Premchand explains, “He called Talat Mahmood and Geeta Dutt for the entertainment of the Chinese Prime Minister. After half an hour, Chu Ani Lai came to see that he was not enjoying it. He expressed his wish that he would like to hear the song ‘Awara’ is a stroll in the movie. Now there was no Mukesh, so the organizers requested Talat Mahmooz that they were singing ‘Awara hoon’. Talat and Geeta Dutt sang the song in the voice of ‘Awara’ … ‘Not a house, no world, I do not love anyone … I am a stranger.’ Then Geeta Dutt repeated the same line. Listening to this song from Talat’s mouth, Chu An Lai got up.

Talat’s influence on Mehdi Hassan and Jagjit Singh

Mehdi Hassan (top left) and Talat Mahmood (white troupe on the right side)
Both Jagjit Singh and Mehdi Hassan have acknowledged that Talat Mehmood has a huge effect on his singing. Mehdi got the first fame when he got a ghazal of Talat in a field of Karachi, ‘Husseen people do not wipe them out.’ Mehdi Hassan got 17,000 rupees for this singing, which was considered a huge amount in that era.

End of career before time

Talat with wife and son
Despite all this, at the age of 40, the end of the career of Talat Mahmud had begun. Usually, singers reach the peak of their career at the age of 40, but by the time of this age, the demand for Talat had decreased.

Manik Premchand says, ‘This was the case of’ Early Burn Out ‘. At the age of forty, no one closes his shop like this. At the peak of his career, Talat often went on a world tour for three-four months. It also had a bad effect on his career. Music was changing in other Indian films. Noisy music started to dominate. The importance of words in the songs was becoming less and Talat Mahmood was able to ‘misfet’ himself in this entire environment.
Talat Mahmood with Lata Mangeshkar
Talat too seemed too bad that after singing them several times, the song musicians used to sing with other singers. From this point they were kneeling inside. ‘ ‘Jahan’ was his last major film of his career. Despite the best songs, the film was flopped badly and within three days it had descended from the theaters. This film broke the hearts of many people, including the heart of Talat. Sahar Zaman says, “Talat knew very well that his voice is suitable only for some types of songs. They knew that they would lose their voice in noise music. It was his guess. ‘

If you look at the career of Talat Mahmood and Mehdi Hassan, you will find that Mehdi Hassan was only three years younger than Talat Mehmood. At the age of forty, where Talat was at the last stop of his career, in 1964, at the age of 37, he started his career by singing “Dancers in the Gulms”.

‘Do not tear your tears in my memory’
On May 9, 1998, battling Parkinson’s disease, Talat Mahmud said goodbye to this world. In the last days of his life, he was not in a position to talk to anyone. Manik Premchand explains, ‘The most painful memory of my life is to meet Talt Sahib in his last days. Shakespeed to the whole world with his voice was shocked to speak one word. My liver was seated that I wish I had trouble! ‘ By staying, I remembered Talat Mehmood’s song, in my memory you do not shed tears, do not forget, forget me.

How can anyone forget Talat sahib?

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