Traveling from Sweden to Surat in search of mother

_101523698_kiran-1.jpgKiran Gastafson grew up playing with his brother and sister between the beautiful scenes of Sweden.

He feels very well that his younger sister Allen and brother Bynn are not hot in relations with them, as if they are between each other.

Kiran’s parents fill in all the colors of happiness in her life, but she still feels a little lacking.

These ‘mother’ can do all the work except breastfeeding.

‘I should not have asked this from the girl’s mother’
Photo of Kiran’s childhood
Kiran had told her parents in childhood that she was adopted from an orphanage in Surat, Gujarat.

Kiran, in Malmö, Sweden, spoke on the phone from the BBC Gujarati service.

He said, “When I went to Sweden, I was about three years old and there is no memory of India and my childhood with me.”

“I met my adoptive parents at the Sweden airport. The date was 14 March 1988. I was taken by a lawyer and his wife to Sweden and the legal process of my adoption was completed in the court.”

Kiran says that her childhood was normal and she never felt herself exterior. His mother Maria Vernant is a retired teacher and father Chael is a businessman and photographer.

She says, “My parents never let me feel different. She always tells me to be proud of what you are.”
Kiran’s  parents
Nevertheless, Kiran could not find his ax in the adoptive mother. “It always seemed that there is some defect, and this feeling has become stronger in two years.”

Looking for mother
Perhaps there was a question related to a family with blood relations that made them restless.

Kiran came to Surat in 2000 with her family of Sweden to seek these questions. Kiran’s adopted family was helpful in his quest to identify himself.

Surat is called the city of diamonds. Kiran came here to the women’s protection house. From here he was adopted.

Kiran says that it was important to understand their roots that their family along with them became part of their quest for this. Kiran came back to Surat in 2005. But this time she came here in connection with her studies of sociology and human rights.

This journey created even more questions for him because the orphanage did not give him more details.

On returning to Sweden, he investigated more about his adoption and started collecting information about orphanages. 2010, Kiran had decided that she would seek her mother but she could not understand how it would be like this.

Kiran adoptive parents were with him in this decision and he said that they are proud of him and love him.

With the passage of time, the mood started to look after the mother, but the desire to meet them never disappeared from the heart.
Kiran is with Arun Dahle, his friend and Anjali Pawar
After completing his studies, Kiran became a career counselor in a company in Sweden.

Kiran participated in a lecture in Arun Dole in Copenhagen in 2016. The two are co-founders of an NGO working against child trafficking in the Netherlands. They were adopted by a couple from Germany. He was born in India too.

The couple, who campaigned against illegal trafficking of children, told how anyone could gain information about their roots.

He knew that he had to fight a long legal battle to get information about the mother giving birth.

Again in the heart of Kiran, the ray of hope was awakened so that he could also find his mother.

In the year 2017, their two-day dialogue began. The couple advised Kiran to contact Anjali Pawar, who lives in Pune, who works for child protection.

Return to India, but with a surprise
Anjali Pawar told the BBC that after getting all information from Kiran and Dohla, she first contacted Surat’s orphanage. At the beginning, there was no result of his efforts.

According to Anjali, “Then I had to tell them about the guidelines of the Central Adoption Resource Authority, which gives me the right to mobilize this information.”

They said, “According to the documents, when Kiran was one year and 11 months old, her mother had left her in the orphanage, but she used to visit Kiran constantly. She knew about the adoption of Kiran. Therefore, he had given the place to the orphanage where he used to work. ”

Anjali Pawar came to know that Kiran’s mother was a woman named Sindhu Goswami who worked as a domestic helper in Surat. Anjali reached the address from the orphanage, but she could not get there.
Kiran and his friend.
Kiran came back to India with a friend in April this year. Where his mother used to work, she met him. Following the pressure of local administration and a social worker, those people gave some information, but these information was not enough for them to look for. They can not tell whether Kiran’s mother is there and whether she is alive or not.

For the ray, those days were going to be sentimental. While going to all the places to gather information he broke up several times.

In the meantime, Anjali’s hand register with the birth certificate of the orphanage. The information received from the certificate surprised him. They got information that Kiran has a twin brother too.

Recalling that day, Kiran says, “It was incredible. I was surprised.”

Even the adoptive parents did not have any information about it.

Meeting and splitting
Kiran, her friend and Anjali started searching for her brother with the help of a local worker. They did not go too far. They came to know that Kiran’s brother has been adopted by a family of Surat and he is a businessman. Although these visits were not easy.

It seemed as if the adoptive family had not given him the information that he was adopted.

Anjali told  that the adoptive father did not want to disclose this information after so many years. After a lot of honor, the parents got ready to tell their son to their adopted son, and also that his sister wants to meet him.
Kiran and her Swedish siblings.
Kiran remembers that day even today when he met his brother for the first time in 32 years. Go to the place that was given to the address, open the mode on the left and then open the door of your brother.

When they saw each other, they were completely silent.

Kiran’s brother served him ice cream in the house

Kiran recalled, “He gave me a watch, he was very generous, his eyes are absolutely like me, but he is depressed.” Answering a question of Anjali, he said that he feels lonely.

The next day he met at Kiran’s Hotel, where he started crying bitterly. The farewell moment was difficult.

Kiran said, “We have searched each other but still many questions remain, still sad, my brother is very generous, I am proud of him and I love him”.
Kiran’s mother with her colleague’s child
Kiran, who was not aware of the existence of the brother, has met him, but his quest is continuing with his mother.

From Surat’s house in which his mother used to work, Kiran got a picture of her, the picture encourages her to go ahead.

She says, “We look like each other.”

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