This is the secret of Alia Bhatt’s interest in Hitler

_101180397_btaliabday.jpgKashmir, a beautiful place of India But this place often keeps discussions with the wrong reasons rather than its beauty.

One conclusion of these discussions among the people is that Kashmir is not a safe place. But film actress Alia Bhatt does not match with such things.

Aliya says, “Dissatisfaction is spreading more towards Kashmir. It has been placed in the minds of people that this place is unsafe but this is not so. Kashmir is completely safe. ”

In conversation , Alia discussed the current situation of Kashmir.

Ali is currently in Kashmir in connection with the shooting of his film ‘Razi’. Most of the film’s shoots have been here.
Deficit loss to Kashmir?
When Alia met the people of Kashmir, he expressed the sorrow over the fact that due to this propaganda, the number of tourists has decreased and the income of the people has been affected.

I’m half german My grandmother’s father was German who was involved in a secret newspaper heading Hitler. Nazi did not like it, so he was kept in the torture camp.
Alia Bhatt, film actress
Kashmir’s earnings largely depend on tourists coming here.

His film ‘Razi’ is based on the Indo-Pak war in 1971, where Alia is playing a female detective.

They are married in Pakistan for a detective mission.
Aliya’s interest in Hitler, but why?
Alia also mentioned about her school days in the conversation. He said that he has a keen interest in Hitler.

He said, “I have never been interested in my school, but I used to study Adolph Hitler especially in dictatorial history.”

She said about World War II relations with her family, “I’m half German, my father’s grandmother was German, who was associated with a secret newspaper heading Hitler, and he did not like this because he was tortured Had been kept in. ”

Was he influenced by Hitler’s personality? On this question he said that he does not like them, but grand mother’s father used to read about him because of his father.

Hitler married, party again shot

‘Anushka and Sonam gave the courage’
Alia also spoke openly about her marriage .

He expressed happiness that today’s actresses are getting married at an early age.

Giving examples of Anushka Sharma and Sonam Kapoor, Aliya further says, “Marriage does not mean that your life has ended and you will not be able to act. These young actresses have given me the courage to say that whenever I want, I am sure that my career will not end after this. ”

In Meghna Gulzar’s directed movie “Razi”, Ali will be seen acting for the first time with her mother, Sonu Razdan.

Who are they to marry Sonam Kapoor …
‘Political controversy with Pakistani artists’
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