PM Haider al-Abadi of anti-Shia in Iraq ‘toward progression’

_101531486_50d65848-61ad-4f9c-a0f2-fa11322faec8.jpgShia rivals of Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi have achieved a major lead in the parliamentary elections held on Saturday.

Until the count of more than half the votes, the Muslim leader Leader of the Liberation Tigers of Libya Libya and another militia leader has become the group that gets the most votes.
Libya Open
According to election officials, Haider al-Awadi is at number three.

Last year, when the Iraqi government announced the victory over the so-called extremist organization Islamic State, then this is the first general election in Iraq.
The official announcement of the results of the elections will be made by Monday late evening.

Lowest voting
Elections were held on Saturday in 329 parliamentary seats in 18 provinces of Iraq. In this election, only 44.5% of the vote was cast, which is historically the lowest in the elections held in Iraq.

Election trends seem to indicate that Iraqi people voted in favor of opposition candidates.

According to some reports, supporters of the Shiite leader Owaeda al-Sadra have started celebrating before the announcement of the final results in Baghdad on Sunday night.
After the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, the Libyan liberator emerged as a popular leader. They have a strong hold on the youth who live in poor areas of Baghdad.

According to reports, the group, led by veteran militia leader Hadi al-Amiri, is in second place.

According to experts, the Shia-led Haider al-Abadi government has been praised for winning the Islamic State and restoring better security in Iraq.

‘Fear of Iraqis’
correspondent Martin Patience, present at the Lebanese capital Beirut, says that many Iraqis have confusion about the government’s widespread corruption and weak economy.
Haider al-Abadi
This election was made one day after President Donald Trump’s decision to exit the ‘Iran Nuclear Agreement’ was done a day later.

In some Iraqis, there is fear that any conflict between the United States and Iran can have serious impact on their country.
Martin has written in a tweet about the low voter turnout in Iraq, that Iraq is tired, and people have little faith in their leaders now and there is no such thing as shocking.

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