Mother’s Day Special: These ‘mother’ can do all the work except breastfeeding..

_101308235_1aadc2c0-3e82-41bf-9a09-47e17a1cc607.jpgExcept breastfeeding, I can do everything for a child who does a mother. ”

Like every mother, this ‘mother’ also loves her baby the same way.

Cooks for him, prepares him for school, teaches him, plays with him, and tells him the story before sleeping at night.

The touch of this ‘mother’ is as much loving as it is to any other mother.

But this mother is not a woman but a man.

On the occasion of ‘Mother’s Day’, the story of a ‘special mother’ who is in the role of both the mother and father.

No children, parents get homework
Husband who takes wife’s surname after marriage
Do you know your mother’s favorite dish?

A father can be a mother, how?
The feelings of the ocean …
39-year-old Bhaskar Palit, who lives in Delhi, is a father of 6 years of Ishan and mother also. On February 15, 2014 Bhaskar separated from his wife.

Ishaan was only two years old at that time. Since then he is in the hands of Bhaskar.

Bhaskar has fulfilled the shortage of Ishaan’s mother or should say that Ishhana never felt a lack of a mother, because she too became his mother.

Today, the entire world of Ishaan revolves around our father (father). Whenever Ishshan gets hurt on falling, Baba does not get a mother from her mouth.

Bhaskar says that mother is the name of Sam’s name. Anyone who drowns in that sea becomes his mother.

They say that mother should not look at Mamta in the structure of the gender.

Mother’s Day did not give any abuses to mother?
Mother’s day and ‘the most carefree mother of the world’
Those who did not like ‘Mother’s Day’

How difficult is this responsibility?

Bhaskar says that on the day that his ancestors were deserted, he surely thought that how he would handle a two-year-old child alone.

But as soon as he saw the smile of Ishaan sitting in his lap, his anxiety and sadness touched his mind.

From that day onwards, they have never been thought of again in their minds.

Now when you enter the house of Bhaskar and Ishaan, you do not miss the lack of any woman there.

Rather, every wall of his house tells the story of the beautiful relationship of father-son in your ears.
‘Social life does not end’
Bhaskar says that after becoming a single Father, some changes were made in his life but his social life was never over.

They still spend time with friends When they are out, Raju looks after Ishaan. Raju works as an assistant in Bhaskar’s house.

Bhaskar says that he is also a prophet of Ishans as well as his friends. Together they go together, watch the picture, do shopping.

Both advise each other on which hair cut would look good. While Ishanch plays the chess, Bhaskar gives them company.

Fifteen years of eating Bhaskar’s cigarette was lost in a jerk on the sayings of Ishaan.

Bhaskar also loves Ishaan as a mother and he also uses sweet scold when needed.
‘Society has made a stereotype, a man-woman’s roll’
Bhaskar says, “Our society has stereotyped the characters of men and women, that a woman should be out in the kitchen and the man out.”

“Women will also take care of children, we need to change such thinking.”

He says that Ishaan sees him while working at home, handling it, while disposing the menu of food.

They hope that these things will have a profound effect on them after the Ishaan grew up and they will not stereotype things on the basis of the gender.
father’s hand food
Bhaskar is very fond of cooking. They feed Ishaan by making a new dish.

They say that the food of the mother’s hand is all eaten, somebody also eat the father’s hand food!

Bhaskar says that I do not think that when a father speaks to his child by putting his child on the chest, then he is less than Mamta, just because we have not given him the name ‘Bapta’ or anything else.

Bhaskar says, “I want the concept of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to end one day.” We should rise above the gender stereotyping. Celebrate Parent’s Day or Friends Day.

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