Manmohan Singh’s Complaint sheet to President against Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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The Congress has accused him of using abusive language on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech on May 6 in Hubli, Karnataka.

In this regard, on behalf of the Congress, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has written a letter to President Ramnath Kovind to complain against Modi in strict lapses.

Congress says that Modi is limiting the prime minister’s post. In this letter of Congress, other senior leaders of the party besides Manmohan Singh are also signed.

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Seven special points of Congress letter

The Prime Minister of India enjoys a special place under the Constitution of India. They lead the federal cabinet. The union executive reports them and takes orders from them.
While taking charge of the Prime Minister’s office, he takes oath of office. In the past, all the prime ministers have maintained their limits in public or private affairs.
It can not be imagined that in our democratic state system, a prime minister will use words that use bullying and provocative words as the head of the government, the chief opposition party will be publicly warning the leaders of the Indian National Congress.
The Prime Minister’s threat to the Congress leadership is condemnable. It can not be the language of the prime minister in a country with a population of 1.3 billion, in a constitutional and democratic government. Whether such a language is used publicly or privately, such behavior is not worthy of acceptance.
The words used are threatening and provocative. Its purpose is to humiliate and incite to spoil the environment.
Congress is the oldest party in this country and it has faced many challenges. The Congress leadership has always shown courage and fearlessness in facing such challenges and threats. We want to say that neither our party nor our leaders will bow before these threats.
As the head of the Union of India, this big responsibility of the President of India is made, he will give advice and guidance to the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. It is not expected that such a threatening language is done with the right Prime Minister in the election campaign

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