Madhya Pradesh: Judgment on the 23rd day of the three-month-old girl’s rape-murder case


In the case of kidnapping, rape and murder of a three-month four-day girl in Madhya Pradesh in Madhya Pradesh, the court has sentenced Ajay Gadke to death.

This is the first verdict in the country after the central government has made a change in POSCO law, in which the sentence of death has been heard.

The Central Government has approved the law of death penalty against those who have been raped with girls under the age of 12 years by amending POSCO laws.

In this new law, if the girl’s age is less than 12 years in case of rape, rapist will be sentenced to death.

This case of Indore is different in its own way.

In this judge, Sharma, hearing seven-seven-hour case for seven consecutive days, completed it on 21st day and pronounced the verdict on the 23rd day.

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Rape case
Additional Sessions Judge Shash Sharma said in his order, “In view of the manner in which he has acted heinous and brutally, it is appropriate to maximum punishment to the culprit so that such incidents do not happen again in the society.”

The incident is in the Rajwada area of ​​Indore where this child was sleeping on 20th April with her parents.

According to the police record, the accused took the child at four o’clock in the morning and after that he raped the girl and then murdered him.

The child’s body was found near a bentancy. After receiving the body of the child, the challan was prepared and presented on the eighth day in five days. A total of 29 people have been recorded in this case.

District prosecutor Mohammad Akram Shaikh said, “The court made a special comment in this matter, it was a case of rape with a child of 3 months and 4 days, and in this, the accused of the vampire trend crossed the limit for doing this crime. If it is not punished then it will have a bad effect on society, therefore it is being punished. ”

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ShivrajSingh Chouhan

Madhya Pradesh is the first state in the country to have passed the #DeathForRapists Bill unanimously for the slys of misbehaving with girls aged less than 12 years in the year 2017. After this, the Central Government also provided for the execution of such people in April.

3:22 pm – 12 May 2018
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Sentence to death
The court sentenced the accused to double.

In the case of rape, in the case of rap, under section 376 (a) of the sentence of death, in the case of murder, punishment for hanging under section 302 and penalty of five thousand rupees has been imposed.

Apart from this, the sentences have been sent for five years from the age of imprisonment in other streams.

After the decision, the child’s parents want to hang as soon as possible.

The girl’s mother said, “We want to hang for it as soon as possible and should be tortured in the same way as it has killed our daughter.”

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ShivrajSingh Chouhan

Replying to @ChouhanShivraj
This decision of Indore District Court is the first and a historic decision taken under this bill. It will not only fear fear of people who do such acts, but also in our girls and women, the sense of security will be awakened.

3:25 PM – 12 May 2018
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Chief Minister’s statement
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan also welcomed the decision of the same court.

He said, “We will always have the pain that injustice was done with the daughter, but now there is satisfaction in mind that such a terrible punishment has been executed in record time, until the fear of the criminals will arise. They will not be afraid to commit the crime. ”

“Therefore, the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly had passed this law that if any mischief with innocent daughters should be punished, then there should be a punishment for death, so today it is the satisfaction that the sinner has been sentenced to death.”

After the verdict comes the matter will now go to the High Court. If the High Court also upholds this punishment, then the accused can go to the Supreme Court.

If the verdict does not change even in the Supreme Court, then the accused can appeal to the President.

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