Indonesia: members of a family attacked three churches

Many motorcycles have died in the suicide attack on the church of Surabaya.
11 people have died in a suicide attack on three churches in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second largest city.

Police say that many people were injured in the attack. These blasts took place within a few minutes at 7:30 in the morning at the local time.

The alleged extremist organization Islamic State took responsibility for these attacks. The biggest attack since the year 2005 is in Indonesia.

Police chief Tito Carnavian has told that behind the suicide bomb attack, the members of the same family have the hand. He said, “In a church, the mother blew herself up with her two children while the father and the other three children attacked other places.”

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In the pictures coming on television, debris spread over the entrance of a church can be seen.

In recent days, Islamic extremism appears to be emerging again in Indonesia.

Earlier, the intelligence agency of Indonesia said that the extremist group ‘Jemaah Visharut Dulha’ would have carried out these attacks.

This group is said to be inspired by the Islamic State, which is called Islamic State.

A few days ago, five soldiers were killed in an encounter with security forces in Indonesia with Islamic extremists locked in prison.

The country’s President Joko Widido toured the site after which he called the attack “ruthless”. They ordered the police to “investigate the matter and break the network of the attackers completely”.

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