Inauguration of new american Embassy in Jerusalem today

US Ambassador to Israel, David Frydman, arrived to welcome the Yanko Trump and his husband
The new US Embassy is going to open on Monday in Jerusalem’s disputed city of Jerusalem. US Congressional Donald Trump’s daughter Ewanka and son-in-law Jared Kusner arrived in Israel to attend the inauguration ceremony.

President Donald Trump took the decision to shift the US Embassy from the capital Tel Aviv to the historic city of Jerusalem, taking a major and disputed policy decision.
Though Donald Trump does not exist in the inaugural ceremony of the Embassy

The US decision has criticized many countries around the world, including the Middle East Muslim countries.

Israel considers Jerusalem as its “lasting and undivided” capital, while Palestinian people believe that East Jerusalem in the occupation of Israel in the 1967 war was the capital of its proposed nation.

Urge to other countries
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has urged other countries to shift his embassy Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu
Speaking in a public program on Sunday, Netanyahu said, “It is a great decision to bring President Trump to the US Embassy in Jerusalem.” It is like accepting the truth, we know that Jerusalem has been the Jewish capital for the last three thousand years. And it has been our capital of our country for the last 70 years and it will always be our capital. ”

Speaking in the same program, US Deputy Foreign Minister John Sullivan said that this is a step taken in the right direction for lasting peace in this area.

President’s promise
The US Deputy Foreign Minister said, “All of us present here understand that opening the US Embassy in Jerusalem is a long pending issue, as Prime Minister Netanyahu said that it is necessary to establish peace in this region. We are proud to give our President an official look. ”
At the same time the Palestinians are strongly opposing this move of the United States. Palestinians hope that one day the capital of Israel will be their capital city in East Jerusalem.

Who is it?
Wassel Abu Yusuf, a senior leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization in Ramallah, said that he appeals to the Arab countries to boycott the country that brought their embassy to Jerusalem.

They said, “I think that many decisions have to be taken, first of all should be strengthen the Palestinians in the holy city, and with this, Arab countries will make an agreement that they will boycott all those countries who bring their embassy to Jerusalem Let’s talk about it. ”
The European Union has also opposed this move of the United States and the ambassadors of most European countries will boycott the opening ceremony on Monday.

Although it is believed that representatives from Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic can join this ceremony.

what next?
The President of Guatemala and Paraguay will also attend the ceremony. Both countries are bringing their embassies to Jerusalem.

Since the end of March in Gaza, there are protests against the decision of the US, in which more than 40 Palestinian people have been killed so far.

Jerusalem is the root of the long dispute between Palestinians and Palestinians, and this dispute can be deepened by this step of the United States.

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