How fair is the Jammu and Kashmir government’s ceasefire proposal

_101526521_gettyimages-546703102.jpgFor the Kashmir, the first five months of the year 2018 are extremely fearsome and scary.

The number of civilians, security forces, and extremists who died during this period has been more than the killings that took place during the last decade.

For Kashmiris, these are the means of independence.


CRPF Challenges in Kashmir
Retreat way back
The violence in Kashmir and its actions in response to this has escalated to the level where it is difficult to turn back from.

Polarization has been done on communal and ideological grounds in Jammu and Kashmir at this time.

The death of a young tourist who came to roam in Kashmir from Tamil Nadu was a case of stone molestation or a shameful mobilization in the case of rape in Jammu, it explains how society is heading for insanity.

Kashmir: Will the government take lessons from mistakes?
The sense of ridiculousness towards India is like that in 1990 when extremism began to spread its legs in the valley.

Although it is a good news for Pakistan, whose civil and military system wants unrest in Kashmir. But its influence in the rest of India, has been in the growing opposition to Pakistan, which is bad news for that country.

‘Kashmiri, I am scared of reading in India’
Whose victory in this conflict?
Nobody can win this fight, even then guerrilla extremists, India and Pakistan, nobody is ready to accept it.

It appears that bloodshed is considered to be the last solution, and perhaps every side has convinced itself that if it can not win even in this struggle, then at least the other party will have to do terrible damage. Can.

In such a bad situation, even a small ray of hope is not visible anywhere.

Asifa rape case boils in Jammu and Kashmir
The Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti, who has offered a cease-fire during Ramzan, has the support of the representatives of all the parties.

In this way, the Mufti Government has made its reach among policy makers sitting in Delhi.

Kathua Case: From Rape and Murder to Jammu Vs. Kashmir
What will you say on the ceasefire?
It is still to see how Prime Minister Modi responds. But there is little doubt that the offer of the cesfire will be welcomed in a grand style.

However, the most enthusiastic response will be on those Kashmiris, who will come to the rescue after a year of relief

But there is a screw in this proposal.

The one-stage seizure offered by Mufti was announced by the Vajpayee Government in November 2000.
Who will save the security forces?
On this proposal of the Mufti Government, Chief of Army Staff General Rawat has asked who will guarantee that the security forces will be protected from attacks. This question is not wrong.

In the first three months during the unilateral ceasefire in 2000, the number of attacks on the security forces increased rapidly. However, people were under pressure from the extremists to end the violence on Pakistan. Those who made the pressure included the section which talked about independence.

Supreme Court transfers Kathua case to Pathankot
But in today’s time there is very little pressure of extremists like that.

General Rawat has rightly said that in the event of unilateral ceasefire, the number of attacks on security forces will increase.

But they themselves should also ask what the army and the government can do to stop the possibility of such attacks.

Many such attacks only succeeded because the security of the security forces was relaxed and even when they were engaged in the security of their barracks, they were distracted by bad equipment and poor working conditions.

Who has benefited from the state of Kathua rape case

Vajpayee’s era of ceasefire
The number of casualties increased in the security forces during the ceasefire in 2000, because there was a lack of preparation for the Vajpayee government on the continued attacks. Simultaneously, there was also a reason for the slowing of the functioning of the Indian Army troops deployed in the plaintiff (they were weak in any way because of lack of resources). Apart from this, the situation here was a problem.
At the many levels at the time of the ceasefire, when the ceasefire took place, Pakistan-India, Indian government-separatist guerrilla leaders- supporters of independence, civilian leaders, between India and Pakistan governments, peace between the civil society group and even the business group The conversation was going on.

Vajpayee succeeded in reducing violence by talking about the political benefits of negotiations for peace during the ceasefire.

But now that situation has gone and its place has taken communal tension, anger and hate.


Story of kashmiri mother
If any sort of cease-fire is spoken, whose impact also appears, then it is possible to negotiate between the Modi Cabinet and the separatists, the dialogue between India and Pakistan and the cooperation of the state’s administration and opposition parties on the ground.

Perhaps there is a continuous round of negotiations in this regard and their results will be exposed soon. Only hope can be done right now. Ramzan is now just five days left and I am hoping.


The pain of the Kashmiris living outside Kashmir
How much PDP is on your stand on the Kathua issue

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