Ground Report: Groom one, Bride Two, She is also a real sisters, what story?

Sainath married two sisters Dhuparata and Rajshri Shirdi at the same time
Kotigyal village of Biloli Tehsil, 82 km away from Nanded district of Maharashtra, has been the subject of discussion for the last few days throughout the state. In fact, the reason for this discussion was on May 5, there was a marriage in which the groom was one but the bride was two.

Dhuppata and Rajshri Shirdi are both real sisters and they have married Sainath Orekar.

It was at two o’clock in the afternoon, when our car reached Kotigial village. As the car reached, the crowd gathered there. This expression was visible on the faces of the people, they were expected to come from the TV channel.

When we asked him about the home of Nirgir’s house, one of them said, “Nowadays there are lots of TV coming, now just do it, now they have got married and their married life has started.”

After talking about them for a long time, one of them pointed out to the nearby Hanuman temple, pointing to the address of Shirgir’s house.
The  team reached the groom’s house
The family members were not willing to talk
Upon reaching the girl’s house, we found seven eight people there, but none of them was ready to talk to us.

When we asked him about marriage, he said, “It has happened, it is good, you leave this topic.”

Asked where the girl’s parents are? We received the answer, “They have gone out and the groom-bride has gone out to see God, they will come back after four to five days.”
Rajshri and Dhuppata Shirigire with husband Sainath
Cousin ready to talk
Even after trying for 3 hours, nobody was willing to say anything more about it. After all, at five o’clock in the morning, the cousin of the girl, Prakash Shirigire, was ready to talk to us.

Prakash Shirigire said, “We are afraid that even before the new world begins, it will not get ruined, because my family was not aware of the fact that marrying a boy with two sisters is not legally valid. Even the father would want to have his daughter’s world happy, so my uncle married the two sisters with one single boy. ”
Prakash Shirigire
Then came the whole story
Sainath Orekar is the son of Dhuptaata and Rajshree’s sister (father’s sister). Prakash Sirdeer said, “My cousin’s elder sister is a little retarded from childhood and she is always sick. My uncle tried a lot for her treatment but it did not work out.”

“Sainath has grown up from his childhood with Rajshree and Dhuparata, and he knew that Dhuppata is a bit retarded, yet he agreed to marry, and today his world has started. Do not come, we are afraid of this. ”

While talking to the light people standing with them were asking us to go back. But then someone warned that the bride and groom’s mother has come. After that we went to them.

Even before he could ask them something, he said, “We do not understand much about it, whether it is right or wrong but we all are happy.” And after saying this, both of them left from there.
Bride and groom
Talk of bride rajshri
It was six o’clock in the evening. During this time we came to know that the bride and groom did not go out for Darshan but they went to the village (Samarama) of the bridegroom. We tried to contact him.

First thing we talked to was the little sister Rajshree. He said, “My elder sister is a bit retarded, so there was a lot of obstacles in her marriage, no one was ready for marriage with her, because she was older than me, she should have got married before, but she was not able to do so. ”

“It was my wish that his marriage was before me which I had told to my family, when my relation with Sainath was fixed, I also explained it clearly and they also accepted this fact and today the world of all three has settled down. . ”

After this we talked to Sainath. They also said, “Rajshree is my maternal uncle, I have grown up at his house, before marriage, Rajshree and her family asked me if you can marry these two sisters, I have done yes.” Today we are all happy. ”
Dhuppata, Rajashree and Sainath’s wedding card
… home made me saintha
Gangadhar Shirdi, the 60-year-old has three daughters: Rajshri, Dhupta and Jyoti. Due to not having a son, he brought his sister’s son Sainath Orekar to his house in his childhood, he has been living with him since then.

In childhood, Sainath’s marriage was decided in a dazzling way. But due to the lack of treatment for Dhuppata, it was decided to marry her with Rajshree. But Rajshree put the condition in front of Sainath: “If I want to get married then my older sister will also have to adopt.”

Sainath also accepted Rajshree’s condition and got married on May 5, 2018.
Santosh Patil
What does the law say?
In order to know the mental condition of the bride’s family, we talked to a few other people of the village. One of them, Santosh Patil, said, “The fear of the family is troubled by the family and they need counseling.”

Santosh further says that due to this marriage, the discussion of our village, which has been practiced by traditional methods, is now taking place everywhere, hence there is little discomfort in the family

To know more about this matter, we talked to lawyer Asim Saroda. They said, “According to the law, it is a crime to make two marriages, you can not have two wives together, in this case, if one of them wants a sister, then the case may be registered. The child welfare department is responsible for this, these people can also take action on their own, according to the reports or news that they have, they can also take action. ”

He says, “It is easy to register the case, but if you see it, the emotional appeal is more appealing to the boy who has married the two sisters. This means that it was not his intention to commit crime.”

“In this case, the scope of the law will not be beneficial. Till now all the people should get a solution.”

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