‘Found out that ‘they’ said I can not participate in the conference ‘

Moniza Hashmi, daughter of famous Faisal Ahmed Faiz, from Pakistan
Moniza Hashmi, daughter of Pakistan’s famous Shayer Faiz Ahmed Faiz, has been barred from participating in an event during her recent visit to India.

Moniza Hashmi was to take part in the 15th session of the Asia Media Summit held between 10-12 May in New Delhi.

But when he reached Delhi from Pakistan for this conference, the organizers of the conference did not allow him to participate in it.

The conference is organized by the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD). For the first time, it has been organized in India.

Senior advocate Prashant Bhushan of the Supreme Court has condemned the incident on his twitter account.


Prashant Bhushan

@ pbhushan1
Shame on the Modi government for deporting Daughter of Faiz Ahmed Faiz from India and stopping her from participating in the Asia Summit in Delhi. Faiz was not only a outstanding Urdu poet but also a staunch opponent of the military rule in Pakistanhttp: //www.thecitizen.in/index.php/en/NewsDetail/index/5/13790/Muneeza-Hashmi-Daughter-of- Faiz-Ahmad-Faiz-Deported-From-Delhi …

10:31 am – 13 May 2018

Muneeza Hashmi, Daughter of Faiz Ahmad Faiz, ‘Deported’ From Delhi
NEW DELHI: What does it mean when a government extends its hostility for another government to eminent persons like Muneeza Hashmi, daughter of legend

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Also, Monisha Hashmi’s son Ali Hashmi has also tweeted about this incident, he has written that his 72-year-old mother was not allowed to take part after summoning the conference.


Ali Hashmi
@PMOIndia @SushmaSwaraj
This is your #ShiningIndia??
My 72 year old mother, daughter of #Faiz denied permission to participate in conference after being officially invited # Shamehttps: //www.news18.com/news/india/faizs-daughter-moneeza-hashmi-invited-to-ib-ministry -event-in-delhi-denied-participation-1745579.html …

8:12 pm – 12 May 2018

Pak Poet Faiz’s Daughter Invited to I & B Ministry Event in Delhi, Denied Participation
Moneeza Hashmi, a famous TV and media personality, was listed as a speaker at the 15th Asia Media Summit that is being held in Delhi between May 10 and 12. But she was not allowed to take …

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The event was held for the first time in India and the government hosted it in the country where it was organized.

On behalf of the organizers of the Government of India and the program, there has not been any official statement regarding this matter yet.

When the train stopped for one and a half hour for the faje!
A brief description has been given about Moniza Hashmi on AIBD’s website. Last page in 2016 this page was updated.
‘I do not know why this happened with me’
Moniza Hashmi talked about the behavior she had with the BBC. He said, “I have been participating from this conference for the last 12-14 years, sometimes in China, sometimes in Vietnam, and sometimes in Hong Kong, it was organized. This was being held for the first time in India.”

“I was also invited and asked if I have a visa, I replied yes because I had been given a six-month multi-entry visa on the basis of the Faisze Foundation, so I had a visa, after which he Said that you came and gave me a topic on which I had to speak, after that I reached the Diplomatic Enclave of Taj Palace Hotel on 9th May and asked about my room, then at the reception I was told that the room with my name is not booked. ”
“He has refused”
72-year-old Moniza travels to India frequently in connection with Hashmi Faiz Foundation But this time they say that this kind of strange behavior was done with them.

Hashmi explains, “A girl came to me and told me that you do not have permission to speak in tomorrow (conference). You can not register for this conference and you can not stay in this hotel. Call the Director of the Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD) who invited me. ”

Faz bought the borrowed money ring for the marriage
“When the director of AIBD came, he said that I am sorry, I have just realized that he has told me that you can not participate in this conference and can not even register for the conference. ”

Moniza says, “But now these ‘who they are, they are not known.’

‘What did you bring to Pakistan from the disease of contagion?’
Moniza Hashmi was supposed to talk to the issue of women’s empowerment in this conference but she was not allowed to participate in this conference.

She says that she said many times that at least they should be allowed to attend this conference, but the organizers refused.
Speaking , she says, “What was the reason for such fear? Have we come to Pakistan from the disease of contagion? Not allowed to register. Is not this good? ”

“I want to say to all the people who like peace that should not be treated like this, keep the doors open. Talk to all and talk to everyone and reflect on your opinion. But do not do it like this That anyone should be ignored. ”

“Pakistan is good or bad, but it is in place. Host does not treat this with the guest.”

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