Controversy with Pakistani artists are always political: Salim Merchant

Salim and Suleiman Merchant
Composer Salim Merchant says that the controversy over performing with Pakistani artists has always been political.

Salim, who has given music in films like ‘Chak De’, ‘Fashion’, ‘Kaal’, ‘Kurbaan’, ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’, ‘Bhootnath’ and ‘Iqbal’, says there is no limit to music. Recalling the controversy over this, Salim says, “Controversy is always politically. When I see that our young men are killed on the outskirts, my heart hurts so much.”

Salim says, “Whether Kashmiri or Punjab, whenever there are attacks here, it seems that this attack has happened in my house or in my heart and the thing is going to be performed with Pakistani artist, so the artists from Pakistan also It is upset that the cracks between India and Pakistan have become deeper now, all of us want one day to be reconciled and we can perform with them or perform music collaboration. . That day is near or far it is not know, but that day come soon you pray that we will know. ”

Salim is very angry and unhappy with the reminiscence of Merchant Varun Dhawan and the film ‘Tama Tamma’ filmed on Alia Bhatt and recently Jackiene Fernandes’s ‘One-Two-Three’ remix.
Salim Merchant says, “I am very sad when I see that there are many songs that are remixing and I do not think there is a lack of talent in the Bollywood industry, we can make new and original songs.”

Salim says, “There is a lot of talent in the industry, but if the music industry, producer, director, composer and musician work in their own way, then listeners will be able to hear very good songs.”

‘People used to laugh at the scene in which we laugh’
Songs need to be associated with culture
Salim believes that nowadays there is a proposal to make a hit song sooner than usual. People do not think that such songs come up as soon as they come back too soon.

Salim says, “If anyone wants to make a snappy song then it should be associated with our culture, along with MaLodi and Rhythm. I had made a song” I have looted the Envyaiwanai “, this is a folk song There was nothing indecent that every Punjabi is playing in weddings even today, I have often tried that whatever songs I make should be associated with the film. ”
Salim does not want to talk on “Budumba”
The music of Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor’s 102 Not Out, music by Salim and Sulaiman, has been given by three songs. The song “Badbumba” has been sung and composed by Amitabh Bachchan himself.

About this, Salim says, “He did not know that such a song was made, this song is out of the film and we decided that such a promotional song will not make it even then.”

While moving forward in his talk, Salim expressed his anger over the tone and said, “I do not want to talk about that song, that song is not in the film itself.

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