Blog: Why the dance of Indian Media is useless on Sharif’s statement?

_101527307_gettyimages-696180506.jpgTwo days before the Pakistani newspaper ‘Dawn’, interviewed former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, two days ago, that Indian TV channels started braking on one leg and started fading out of the Pakistani channels.

The social media on both sides was also mired in their own way and jumped from one to the other became the langur.

Nawaz Sharif has many things in Dawn’s interview Among them also, ‘We have armed groups, we call them non state actors.’ Should such groups be allowed to cross the border so that they go to Mumbai and kill one and a half hundred people? Explain me You tell us why the trials of terrorists are not being held. It should not happen. We were in this endeavor. We have been cut off from the world. Our point was not heard. ‘

Now let us tell you where this is in Nawaz Sharif’s reply, which took the Indian media that Pakistan is behind the Mumbai attacks and Nawaz Sharif has broken the wick. Or the Pakistani media and social media threw necklaces, traitors, traitors, bald etc.

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Musharraf’s NSA had said the same

Parvez Musharraf
After this, immediately after the Mumbai attacks, Pervez Musharraf’s National Security Adviser General Mahmood Ali Durrani had also said that the non-state act of attacking the Mumbai had crossed the Indian border. On this, General Musharraf dismissed Durrani Saheb, and after eight years he interviewed a Pakistani channel himself, saying that there was a time when there should be a Taliban that Lashkar-e-Taiba of Ayman al-Zawahiri – all these were our heroes. , But now the world has changed.

In a press conference in 2012, the Home Minister Rehman Malik of the Peoples Party Government in Marquez had said that the charge sheet has been rejected and the trial will be expedited against the responsible of the Mumbai attacks. Imran Khan also said in an interview that people involved in the Mumbai attacks may have gone from this side of the border.

So now Nawaz Sharif repeats the same old words and bursts a new bomb that till now there has been a rift in the country from Islamabad to Islamabad, as if it was first detected.

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In Mumbai’s Taj Hotel, extremists had mortgaged many people
It is only in our understanding that elections are going to be held in Pakistan and India is going to be present in the fever of elections. This season is such that every broken vessel, lame chair, chira bamboo, dudhi sherwani, foamy vegetables, gul-rotten fruit, in the name of news and exchequer, buys the prices of media couches and sells it to the public and the leader by giving fresh information at costly prices. .

Otherwise, at least two or four days of dehadi is taken by the help of such news. Tomorrow God will give up and no landing.

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