Bengal’s jury elections build a Wall in Mutual relationships

_101310756_bjpcampaign-1.jpgThere is nothing new in the elections to contest the elections on the ticket of different political parties of one family member. But in West Bengal, for the panchayat elections being held on Monday, the rival political parties have begun to find mutual family relationships with the candidates coming to the ground.

The bitter and violent rivalry between the ruling Trinamool Congress and the BJP challenging this election has forced these candidates to break mutual family ties.
Doctor Parth Das’s wife Lipika
Husband and wife are in the fray from different parties

Formerly in Medinipur district, in which the husband is fighting on the ticket of Trinamool Congress, then on the wife’s ticket to the BJP. Now both husbands and wives have started living separately to deal with bitter sickness. Until the elections, the wife has gone to live as a mother. The conversation has also closed in both of them.

In the district of Alipurdu, a father removed the son from the house so that he was in the election field on BJP ticket and despite repeatedly saying the father, he did not withdraw the name.
Congress father removed BJP son from home
68-year-old retired school teacher Bhoganarayan Das of East Chikuliguri village in Alipurduar district is contesting on Trinamool Congress ticket But BJP has made his son Amal his candidate in the same seat.

Despite repeatedly saying the father, when Amal did not withdraw his name from the election, he removed him from the house. Not only that, she has also been refused to come to the sweet family store.

That shop was the only way to make a living. He is now living in his in-laws’ house.
Bhoganarayan Das
Now it has become a matter of discussion in the entire area that how politics has created a wall in the Das family. Bhognarayan, who contested and won the elections on Congress and Trinamool ticket, said, “The BJP has torn apart our family, I had repeatedly asked to withdraw the name but it is not That’s why I put him out of the house and the shop. ”

Amal, on the other hand, says, “Whether or not a party likes or not is a person’s personal choice and democratic rights. But my father has made this fight a nose question.”

The interesting thing is that even after landing in front of the father, the execution is not speaking a single word against him during his election campaign.

He says, “I have made the issue of campaigning for Trinamool Congress corruption and BJP’s development plans.”
The same story of Doctor Mian-Bibi
In a similar incident, political rivalry has created a wall between the relationships of a couple who promised to keep up to seven lives.

In the East Medinipur district, the doctor is in the field on the ticket of the Trinamool Congress, while the wife is from the BJP. Wife’s maternal aunt is a supporter of BJP Doctor Partha’s wife, Lipika, left the house and went to the maternal home.
Doctor Parth Das
She says, “I decided to go to the field on the BJP ticket in anger, she had asked her husband to quit politics and pay attention to his profession but if he did not, then I also got the support of the BJP.”

Parth says, “I have been a member of the Trinamool Congress since the beginning. My wife became a BJP candidate without informing me.”

The lipika has termed the Trinamool Congress as a betrayer. She says that her husband was arrested in a false case in connection with the Nandigram movement in 2011. None of the Trinamool leaders helped him. The party promised to give tickets to my husband in the 2016 assembly elections, but did not give it. ”

For this reason, the lipika asked her husband to quit politics and pay attention to his doctor’s profession. But when he did not accept it, the lipika became an angry BJP candidate.
Here’s the panchayat elections in the headlines.
In addition to these stories of mutual relations, the Panchayat elections have become very important due to various reasons. Since the beginning of the nomination process last month, more than a dozen people have died in the ongoing violence in different parts of the state.

The election was to be held in the first three stages. But the State Election Commission later decided to take it in one phase.

This led opposition political parties to come under the pressure of the state election commissioner Amarinder Kumar Singh’s Trinamool Congress and to make the commission’s government and the puppet of the Trinamool.

In these accusations, at least a dozen petitions were filed in addition to the Calcutta High Court till the Supreme Court. Finally, four days before the voting date, the Supreme Court and the High Court’s decisions cleared the way for elections.

The uncontested victory over more than one-third of the Trinamool Congress candidates also made a lot of headlines while making new records.

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