What is the relationship of this volcano to Kim Jong un?

_101090516_09318869-9d39-4f5a-9c03-b5875f2b25ce.jpgBeing the supreme leader in North Korea is not just about everyone, because for this you will have to come from a special dynasty called the so-called Bacdu Dynasty.

Officially, Kim Jong-he comes from this stoic descent.

It is believed that these races are associated with a waking volcano between China and North Korea. The last three supreme rulers of North Korea have come from this lineage.

Holy Volcano of North Korea
This volcano area has been considered as sacred place from North Korea to South Korea.

Simultaneously, this place has spiritual significance for both countries.
Its spiritual significance can be estimated from the fact that this volcano was mentioned last Friday when a historic meeting between North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon J-in.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in-Kim Kim Jong- expressed his desire to visit this holy place. At the same time, Kim Jong-he said that “I am extremely embarrassed about the bad path.”

Accepting it on behalf of the North Korean leader was quite rare.
Tourists while photographing on Bekadu Mountain
Geographically important
In China, the height of this mountain, known as Changbai, is 2,744 meters, making it the highest mountain of this peninsula.

These mountains are also very important geographically. A few years ago, scientists investigated to assess the volcanic eruptions.

Michael Madden, director of North Korean leadership watchdog, explains, “It is believed that this is where all the Korean people have been created, which makes it a historic place.”

Bekdu Mountain also appears in the North Korean (DPRK) Coat of Arms and the first paragraph of the National Anthem.

Maiden explains that the reason that Kim Jong-un and his family are connected to this mountain is because this mountain is a national identity.

Who was Kim Jong-fighter’s grandmother?
Bacdu Mountain on the Coat of Arms of North Korea (DPRK)
Bacdu’s ‘Kim’ connection
The first relation of this volcano starts with Kim Jong-his grandfather i.e. Kim Il Sung, who established communist nation in North Korea.

Medan establishes this relationship that Kim Il Sung had fought guerrilla war against the Japanese imperialist forces in Bacdu Mountains. It was then that when Japan used to capture Japan

From here it started the myth, and after this, this confusion was increased in the time of Kim Jong-il.

Kim Jong-il’s official autobiography, “Dear Leader”, is said to be born in a Korean camp located in Bekdu Mountain.

But most Western and South Korean experts do not believe this.

It is believed that Kim Jong Il was born outside of North Korea at the Soviet Military Base in Siberia from which Kim Il Sung led the Korean people living in exile.

Kim Jong why do they travel by this train?

But how much is connected to Kim Bacdu Mountains
Maiden explains that Kim Jong, who took over the command of North Korea after his father in 2011, has changed some things since then.
There is no question that Kim Jong-she is the highest leader of North Korea but the person who used to be a personality cult with her father and grandfather did not have been fabricated with so much aggression around her. ”

“Every building in Pyongyong has pictures of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il on the walls, but Kim Jong is not the official photo of them.”

However, it is claimed that the last Kim has also come from the descendants of the heroes who came out of Mount Bacdu.

Maiden explains that there is no official mention of Mount Bacdu, but the mention of other families of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong, a mother of Kim Jong-il, known as a dear leader, had children from other wives besides Yong-ha.

Is it Kim Jong-the beginning of those eras?
Kim Il Sung with his wife and Kim Jong-il
In the year 2017, Kim Jong-Nama, who was killed by a nerve gas agent at the airport of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was among such children.

Maiden says that it is more important to connect the relationship with Bacdu to any place that Kim Jong-he is considered to be the legal heir of former North Korean leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong-il.

While Kim Jong is a sister bigger than Kim Sling.

However, Kim Jong-he has confirmed that he is a member of the elected dynasty.

However, the respect of respect for him in North Korea has not reached the respect of his ancestors.
Not only that, they have not been included in the trio of North Korean leaders.

This trio is called the Bachdu’s three generals, including Kim Il Sung and his wife Kim Jong Suk and son Kim Jong Il.

However, Maiden explains that Kim Jong is being called the third new general outside North Korea.

There was a dispute between the border between China and North Korea on the border, but in the year 1962, after the agreement between the two, this place has now changed to a tourist spot.

The woman with whom laughs, sings, cries North Korea
In the official North Korean media, Kim Jong-un-standing on the Bacdu Mountains has posed for photographs and they did so in the year 2013 and 2017

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