Vusat’s blog: Why can not India & Pakistan take lessons from Korea?

_101095742_gettyimages-868256468.jpgFor three days, I have been tired of reading on social media that if the leaders of North and South Korea fought for three years after the partition in World War II and in the 65 years, hundreds of thousands of threats, millions of tons of abuse and one of the border After filling one inch of soldiers with soldiers, they arrive at the conclusion that the hand has to be mixed, then why can not India and Pakistan do so?

But I believe that the example of Korea does not fit India and Pakistan, so do not get tired of eating doves in the untoward untidiness. The reason is that India and Pakistan are two different countries, while both parts of Korea are similar, such as the East and West Germany, the Cold War memoirs.

Both of them may also join in one day as Germany because they want to join. Though the views of the two Koreans running the nation are different, but there is only one word for language, race, color, food and history.


When Friends Against Enemy Friends Becomes Friends
Long nose issue!
But imagine if there was a Hindu majority in Muslim and South Korea in North Korea, how would they have been thinking about each other about the 72-year-old split in the 2018 world today?

Koreans’ noses are such that they can be easily mixed with each other. Our noses are so long that they can cut and can not be found. Can break down but can not be low.

So, despite having such long noses, we can not live like two common countries? Can live at all, but why? After that life will survive without boredom? What will be the difference between the rest of the world and us?
Anyway, we and you are going to obey Ghalib who has not only spoken about the Korean people but also about us.


Not right, war is right

We have Kashmir, there are nuclear weapons, RSS is the view, Hafiz Saeed is RAW, ISI is Afghanistan, Jinnati Parade of Wagah-Atari, hundreds of excuses for not meeting each other, Dang There are arrows, fictitious factories to make their generations owl.

What’s next to the Koreans, except for old mothers with stereotypical eyes around the streak? So where the Koreans, where are we? The matter is not made, it will not be formed.

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