South Korea said, North Korea will close the nuclear test site in May

_101089217_0de6559d-7e8e-4734-80de-8ed485aad556.jpgSouth Korea’s Presidential Office has said that North Korea will close its nuclear test site in May.

A spokesman said that the Pungeari site will be closed publicly and foreign experts from South Korea and the United States will be invited to see it.

On Friday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korea’s President Moon J. agreed to make these Korean Peninsula free from nuclear weapons.

The meeting between the two heads of the state was done after North Korea created war conditions.

At the same time, US President Donald Trump had said Saturday that he will talk about the nuclear disarmament to the Korean Peninsula within the next three or four weeks with the leadership of North Korea.
President of North Korea and South Korea
What did South Korea say?
President Yun Yong-chan said that Kim has said that he will close the nuclear test site in May.

Yun further said that the leader of North Korea has also said that “he will invite experts from North Korea and USA to see this so that the international community can know about this process with transparency.”

The President’s Office has also told that North Korea will change its time zone so that South Korea and its time will be one. Now there is a gap of half an hour in both times.

North Korea has not commented on this issue yet.
Where is the test site?
North Korea’s nuclear test site is in hilly area and it is believed that it is North Korea’s main nuclear center.

A nuclear test has been done by digging the sungar under the Montap mountain near the Pungari site.

After 2006 there have been six nuclear tests.

After the last test in September 2017 earthquake shocks were started, after which earthquakeists believed that the inside of the mountain collapsed

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