Sajid Jawed: The Pakistani who is made the UK Home Minister

_101103146_646c86bf-ecc0-4e34-8263-92bc8a4ea470.jpgPakistani-born British politician Sajid Javed has made history by assuming the position of the UK Home Minister.

In Britain’s history, Sajid became the first politician of Pakistani origin who achieved this position.

48-year-old Sajid was born in the city of Rochedale in the year 1969.

This is the town where the modern cooperative movement was born.

Family with a tragedy of division
Sajid’s father, Abdul Ghani, came to Britain in 1960 in search of work from a small village in Pakistan.

But Sajid’s family is among the hundreds of families who had fought the tragedy of partition of Indo-Pak.

His parents were born in India and after partition, his family reached Pakistan.
But in the year 1960, at the age of 17, his father had decided to leave Pakistan and go to Britain.

Sajid had said while talking to the English newspaper ‘The Guardian’ that when his father reached Britain he had only one pound in his pocket.

But then changed story
Sajid told in an interview given to the English newspaper ‘Evening Standard’ in 2012 that how his father struggled with work after coming to Britain.

Sajid says, “As soon as he settled in Rochedale, he started working in a cloth mill, but he was very ambitious and he saw that the bus driver earns more money, among his friends, he is called Mr Knight and Day. Because he used to stay in full-time work. ”
After working for some time as a bus driver, Sajid’s father opened a women’s endorsement shop in Bristol. The whole family of Sajid stayed in the house of two rooms above the shop.

Sajid was very bad in childhood

One of the five sons of Abdul Ghani, Sajid Javed’s childhood was spent in Bristol. Here he started his early studies at Downend School.

In an interview given to the Daily Mail in 2014, he had said that his school was very strict but he used to be very naughty.
She explains that when her father read the riot act, her life began to change.

His father said to Sajid, “I have taken all this and do not disappoint me.”

Sajid says that he was very sad to hear this and after that he started getting success in the field of studies.

First time MP in the year 2010
Sajid Javed, who used to photograph former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in his office, became the first MP in the year 2010.

Earlier, at the age of 25, he had reached Chase Manhattan Bank’s vice presidential post. And just before becoming MP, he had reached the post of managing director in the Dutch bank.
As a minister, he started his tenure from the Finance Ministry.

According to political editor Laura Kuesberg, Sajid Javed has so far spawned bigger controversy in his Cabinet Rolls, although Tata Steel as a business secretary faced controversy during the crisis and while having a community secretary during the Grenfell Incident .

Windrush Dispute Challenge
The biggest challenge to Sajid in the form of a Home Minister will be that he will have to solve the wind dispute dispute. Because of this dispute, former Home Minister Ambar Rud had to resign from his post.
Amber Rud has resigned from his post saying that he misled the MPs inadvertently about the goals of immigration.

Before this resignation, there were news about the bad behavior of the Windshaw families. Windrash is the people who lived legally in the UK after the war, but the question of the right to live here was questioned and the question of the government’s immigration policy was also raised.

Sajid had recently told the Sunday Telegraph that he was personally shocked by the windshield scandal because he belongs to the immigrant family, his parents came from Pakistan like this in the country like Windrash generation. Although the Windshield community came from the Caribbean part instead of South Asia. But apart from them, Sajid’s family is almost identical in every way.
Home Minister Sajid Javed with his wife Laura
What’s the Windrash controversy after all
In UK, people who come to the UK legally in the year 1973 are being granted the status of illegal immigrants. There will be people who did not apply for British passports earlier or they do not have documents that tell them that they have been living in the UK since then.

Javed, the first home minister to come from the caste minority community, told the Sunday Telegraph on this issue that this matter has affected him very much because he thought that those who fought in this case could have included their father, uncle or himself. .

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