Rajkumar Rao is the best actor of this generation: Hansal Mehta

_101064476_hansal-mehta.jpgFilmmaker Hansal Mehta says that the country responsible for terrorism happening around the world is a country which gives shelter to the terrorists.

In a special meeting, Hansal Mehta said that he wants to draw people’s attention through terrorism through his film ‘Omarta’. ‘Omarta’ is made on the notorious terrorist Ahmad Omar Saeed Sheikh.

He says, “Through this film, I want to talk about what people do not talk about. Some people like Omar Shaikh openly do anything, such an aversion is still alive, while Shahid Azmi, who runs this path Surely in the end, he chose the path of humanity, he died. ”

Hansal further says, “Countries such as Pakistan give them shelter, they promote them and support them, 9/11, Daniel Pearl murders and many such incidents have changed the world, at the center of all those incidents. It was an important part of these events and it is important to understand who was this? And who were the people who took part. ”

He further says, “I believe the countries that give shelter to such people, strengthen them, they are behind these incidents.”
Rajkumar Rao is playing the crooked
Hansal Mehta cleared that he has not praised terrorism in this film.

Commenting on jihad and Quran, Hansal Mehta says that ‘jihad’ has been considered as violence.

“There is no clarity about the jihad in the Quran, so they all mean different things, whereas Jihad itself is a war, not from the world.”

Hansal Mehta regards religion as wrong in the name of religion. They say, “To prove violence, people make Islam a religion, I am against it.”

On the silver screen, Rajkumar Rao Ahmad is playing the role of Omar Saeed Sheikh.

Hansal Mehta, who regards Rajkumar Rao as the “best actor of this generation” is happy and he enjoys it as a privilege: “This film has come at a time when the prince has become his audience.”
According to Hansal, the film can only bring awareness, but people will have to make changes in the mindset itself.

Hansal Mehta’s last film was ‘Simran’ with Kangana Ranaut, which the audience did not like. Hansal Mehta says that ‘the film was expensive because it did not work.’

‘Omarta’ has got a wow in many international film festival. ‘Omarta’ in India will be released on May 4.

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