Philippines Permanent restriction on sending worker to Kuwait

_101096391_def6776b-40e6-4cf5-b1cb-cfdf79547d2f.jpgFollowing the assassination of the Philippines’s domestic helper, President Rodrigo Duarte has decided to ban his country’s workers permanently on the visit of Kuwait.

Dutte had imposed temporary restrictions in February for sending the workers to this Gulf country.

Duttere said on Sunday in Davao, Philippines, “The ban will be permanent, and people will not be sent there for employment, especially domestic helpers will not be sent at all.”

Duttey has described the employment of the people of the Philippines present in Kuwait as a catastrophe.

He has appealed to the citizens of his country not to remain in the oil-rich country.

Kuwait has not responded immediately to the decision of the Philippines. According to the Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs, about 2 lakh 60 thousand citizens of the Philippines are currently working in Kuwait.
Duttey said, “Come home without worrying about our poverty, we will be together. Our economy is good and we have a shortage of workers.”

Duttey has promised that when they come back they will provide help.

However, the Philippines and Kuwait are still negotiating for an agreement on employment issues. Philippine officials hope that permanent restrictions will be lifted from this, but considering the increasing tension between the two sides, its hopes are diminished.
President Dutterte has said that he will do all possible help to the workers
Kuwait expelled the ambassador
Actually, Kuwait had expelled the ambassador of the Philippines present in the country and recalled his ambassador in the Philippines.

A video of the Embassy of the Philippines was also revealed in Kuwait, where the Embassy staff was allegedly helping the people who were tortured by the owners to “save” them.

Kuwait condemned this action and said it was a violation of its sovereignty and it was considered by the embassy to be a trafficking of domestic helpers.

Philippine ambassador Renato Pedro Villa in Kuwait has told the news agency APP that he will leave the country on Wednesday.

The dispute between the two countries arose after the body of the Philippines’s domestic helper was found in a house in Kuwait.

In this case, the Kuwaiti court has sentenced a man of Lebanese origin and his Syrian wife to death.

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